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Posted by agerstone


Posted by Shtinky

Wow, this thing went on for a long time.

Posted by Griffinmills

Go #teambrad go!

Edited by zenmastah

Man, Brads face is getting serious.

Also, demons like to read alot it seems..

Posted by JamesJeux007

Trading one rare Brad Muir for a common Ryan and a rare Alexis ? Worth it :')

Posted by forkboy

I'm super impressed with Brad's ability to endure. I'd have smashed my controller into pieces after 30 minutes but he managed 5 hours? Good god man!

Posted by Cramsy

Jesus this went for a while

Posted by face15

Jeff is weird/great.

Posted by xite

Ryan's reaction to Alexis-Romero was the best thing about this.

Edited by MeatSim

John Romero was trying to possess Alexis's body!

Posted by Ghostiet

"God fucking Jesus"

- Brad Shoemaker

Posted by sawtooth

needs more Muir.

is Ryan drinking a Modelo?

Posted by paulunga

Monster Condo's This Love by Pantera right?

Posted by chilipeppersman

I love me some good nostalgia.

Posted by colmarr

Ah the moments when you want to just yel at brad to open his eyes and take good look around.

Posted by scottygrayskull

I keep screaming "BRAD! SAVE!" XD

Posted by mrsmiley

part 1 was immensely entertaining. go part 2!

Posted by jackelbeaver

Kakkodad is such a perfect name. honestly how did no one ever come up with it before? (fuck the official name)

Posted by Hamst3r

Regarding the Master Levels of DOOM II...I was playing those just recently:

Some of those levels are fucking evil.

Posted by toastface
Posted by Sarumarine

@Hamst3r: I especially liked how you started on the hardest one. Ttrap or something? I wish there was some way to see Brad run through that, but for now, this will have to do.

Posted by CornBREDX

24:18 they are talking about Doom Map packs- like pre-cursor to DLC 
I just wanted to bring up that Duke Nukem 3D also sold Map Packs in a similar way (although I think they were made by 3d Realms, but I'm not sure). I remember my mom (who was big on Duke Nukem 3D at the time- i know its weird haha) bought one once with a bunch of island/beach based levels or something.

Posted by csl316

I remember when Bioshock was making a big deal about enemies fighting each other. Even though Doom (and Halo) had done it long, long ago.

Posted by murisan

So damn good. Makes me feel alright about paying for premium. Thanks GB

Posted by Duffyside

Fuck squatting to poop. Handstands are where it's at.

Posted by murisan

@Ghostiet said:

"God fucking Jesus"

- Brad Shoemaker

"Son of a fucking goddamn whore."

-Brad Shoemaker

Posted by Geurge


Posted by TehChich

I love it when Ryan giggles.

Posted by budsaq

Brad: "God, fucking Jesus!"

Posted by Pimpsandwich

@CornBREDX: Do you mean Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach? If that's so, that's more of an expansion than a map pack.

Or well, I guess with games like Duke 3D and Doom they're basically map packs, but yeah. At least to me it seems like there's a difference.

Posted by IronScimitar

Brad is going to hell.

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by emkeighcameron

Alexis is about as exciting as watching paint dry.....bring back the Muir!

Posted by DrGreatJob

@CornBREDX: A lot of those map packs were unlicensed as well. I had DukeZONE! which had 500 usermade levels (picked at random, it seems) and was not sanctioned by 3D Realms. The one you had was probable the Caribbean pack that was licensed, same as Duke it Out in DC. God why do I know these things.

Edited by namco51

Best part was when Brad joined my game after the live stream ended and I BFG'd him in the face :) . But we only traded a few frags before he disconnected. 5 hours of Doom tires a guy out I guess.

Posted by Romination

I take damage from MY own splash, if you know what I mean.

Posted by PeZ

Oh man, I really wish they actually do something with Daikatana / Daikatana 64. Endure it! 

Posted by TekZero

I totally found and downloaded Doom 2 after watching this.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

A wild Giancarlo appears!

Posted by gave1

@Geurge: Yeah, i like how he opened and died. reloaded, and completely forgot about it.

Posted by TheEvilCory

Kinda funny that what I pay for in rent here in Texas, for half a 2 bedroom apartment, would get me a closet in San Francisco.

Posted by coaxmetal

@TheEvilCory: otoh, you would (presumably, depends on industry) get paid way more on sf. Also you would live in sf, not texas. Thats worth a lot.

Posted by Cramjomlin

For the record, there is no "j" in samurai. Just to clear that up.

Posted by WickedCobra03

Giancarlo aka. Gamecop is the only acceptable Gamespot crossover.

And Young Jeffery, I love you for your hair/pentaluma and backpack talk. :)

Posted by Cramjomlin

Every time I see Jeff shake his head, I see a word bubble above his head, saying, "Why is he doing it wrong?"

Edited by RenegadeSaint

I love when Jeff is commentating because he criticizes Brad appropriately and pushes him forward.

Also, for the next Breaking Brad, I suggest Shinobi for the PS2. That would be pure Brad frustration.

Posted by CakeBomb

Ryan's reaction to Alexis Romero was priceless. 
Next BB I suggest Contra 3 or Shattered Soldier. Hard Corps is too much.

Posted by indieslaw

This video keeps crashing on me...

Edited by Marokai

I love when Ryan and Brad are teamed up in anything, because Ryan bickers at Brad like they're an old couple. It's delightful.

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