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Posted by Pyrgz

Oh man PurePwnage ain't that a throwback?

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amazing so close

Posted by thebatmobile

What the hell, Konami?

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Posted by Swoxx

OH MY GOD. Has the president been briefed?

Posted by Hailinel

The title is certainly honest.

Posted by csl316

Jeremy, huh?

Posted by Sackmanjones

Well that looks like a winner

Posted by Joshe

....wait, Jeremy? haha, i'm down

Posted by Sharpshooter

They lost me at "pwn zombie noobs"

Posted by micahchiles

is this zombie nation?

Posted by DeF

Zombies, huh?
I don't get it. Are there zombies in this game?

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Great Job Jeremy! Great Job Konami, this looks terrible!

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Posted by Gav47

Wow, I wonder if they actually paid to use that War song?

Posted by IchiroYagiza

@Sharpshooter said:

They lost me at "pwn zombie noobs"

Posted by HarlequinRiot

Zombies and dual joystick shooting? What a world!

Liked seeing the Pure Pwnage guy in there though (for some reason). Hearing FPS Doug (Mike?) shout the "frag out" from AA still makes me laugh for some reason.

Posted by Beanpants

Pawn Zombie Nudes? Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Posted by Drekly

1. Jeremy looks like the coolest character ever.

2. Please, game developers, STOP SAYING "PWN" and "NOOB" in your trailers and games. It's cringeworthy.

3. The un-dead RETURN!? Where the hell did they go?!

Posted by IamTerics

I didn't like the first one of these they did. Kind of silly.

Posted by xxizzypop

I realize there's not much that marketing can do with this game, but fuck me, they've found the perfect way to anti-sell a game to me. I feel like I should be paid for witnessing this shit show. It's a flash game, basically. Add Duke Nukem music and more than a dash of unoriginality and we have this.

Posted by pinkkis

"Way to rip of Dead Nation.. Oh wait, Jeremy is in it. Aw geez..."

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It's kind of like they wanted to be 'cool kids' by having irreverent music playing as well as using internet terms but just buttfucked themselves oblivion by doing such a thing. I couldn't not want to buy this more...

Although Jeremy is all like "say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

Posted by ma_rc_01

I love to pwn zombie noobs! Way to talk to your target demo

Posted by Ronald

If the game had the news broadcast image as the UI this would be slightly interesting.

Posted by McDayman

Who gets paid to write copy like this? Or worse, who gets paid to tell other people to write copy like this?

Posted by Icicle7x3

Boom Headshot?

Posted by BisonHero

@Pyrgz said:

Oh man PurePwnage ain't that a throwback?

Do they need to pay that guy for the rights to use his likeness? It's not even a parody of the Jeremy character, it literally IS exactly how he looks, sounds, and talks.

Posted by Apollo87

Tennis anyone?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

There is no part of the phrase "PWN ZOMBIE NOOBS" that is not tired and exasperating.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Pure Pwnage is still a thing?

Posted by TadThuggish

This is the worst thing about the internet.

Posted by MeatSim

But you dying alone is a inevitability.