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Edit: First and last attempt at this. Glad it's for a game I am very excited for.

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edit: loving the music

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Posted by skrutop

I'll be looking forward to this game's release.

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That music is AWESOME!

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Am I going to get to play poker with John Marston?

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Posted by GoodAssLettuce

Let's hope Obsidian doesn't give us a completely buggy mess.

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Posted by DirtyEagles

Can't Wait

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Posted by faxon

that... that looks awful. it looks like a complete shift in town that the series has spent so long building up, a drastic step back graphicly, no massive change to the environments and like im playing some whacky rts with fps aspects to it. i am drasticly disapointed

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Posted by Baggykins

More Fallout? Might be interested

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Posted by Sunjammer

Awkward hero-walk there at the end there there

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Posted by pbhawks45
Come on, it's Obsidian. Of course it'll be a buggy mess!
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Posted by eldiax

Interesting, kinda looking forward to this one.

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Posted by MajorToms

This is the teaser I've been waiting for. Gambling in New New Vegas with mutants is gonna be awesome.
Anyone else dig those 3 rockets firing simultaneously, only one was all lopsided?

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Posted by cobble75

Man I cant wait
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Posted by TheeGravedigger

Definitely on my list of games this fall.

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Posted by TomWhitbrook

Try not to make this a technical and graphical screw up, obsidian.

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Posted by Inquisitor

Fallout with shiny colours, i'm in. 
I hope the post apocalyptic vibe doesnt suffer in favour of the whole vegas shabang, though. 
Also, Obsidian isnt all that bad at making decent sequels with pre-existing engines. 
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Posted by yukoasho

Well, Obsidian can't blame the publisher this time if things go tits-up.

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Posted by LethalKi11ler

More fallout 3 sounds good for me

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Posted by MattBosten

Sure looks like a Fallout game!

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Posted by SilentCommando

Fuck Yeah.

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Posted by raddevon

I would have preordered this if I weren't so scared of Obsidian right now. Damn.

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Posted by EpsilonSE
Dude, totally!
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Posted by RVonE

I feel strangely stoked for this.

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Posted by TheGreatGuero

Even though it doesn't look like much of an upgrade over Fallout 3, it's still probably the one game coming out this fall that I'm most excited about.

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Posted by UncleBenny

Oh god, Obsidian, how could you make so many games that are so great but breaks my heart with bugginess? They are the most unintentionally abusive spouse, ever.

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Posted by maxim2boobles

pure awesome

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Posted by paulosaurus

Man I'm so fucking pumped for more Fallout.  I did literally everything there is to do in Fallout 3 and, unless they mess up big time, I can see myself doing that again with New Vegas.

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Posted by Daroki

I guess this is telling me to take Fallout 3 down off the wall of shame and finish it before the series switches to Vegas?    
"Baby, we're going to be up five hundy by midnight!"

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Posted by Nev

Super stoked. The new setting looks great.

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Posted by gateht

Weird trailer - not totally convinced by it... And, I'm not sure I can justify another 60 hours on a fallout game!

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Posted by CronanS

Mmm fresh fallout

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Posted by sgt_match

Looks like Fallout 3.   A lot like it.  Sweet.

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Posted by ThatFrigginguy

Fallout New Vegas , 
Will drain several hours, 
of my life again 
My haiku for u

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Posted by Echelon730

I loved Fallout 3 but the setting of Las Vegas seems to be just perfect for any video game. I think that its because the city itself is so absurd and colorful that its almost a video game itself

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Posted by bybeach

Very much anticipating this game, fallout 3 was  one of the video game worlds I simply get lost in. 
But I do have a clue I missed something with fallout 2,.... wonder if that can still be found? Or if it will now just be severly outdated.