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Posted by SenatorSpacer

Kinda boring, tells me nothing about the game

Posted by Phrylock

Puts the tease in teaser trailer.

Posted by TheHBK

 Tells you nothing about the game?  Are you kidding?  THe guy basically told you all you needed to know.  Sci-Fi shooter where people are probably gonna blast each other over who gets to ride the space ship or whatever the Arc is off the planet so they can escape the krypton they live on.  Sounds like thats more than enough.  All thats left is to see a little gameplay and thats it.  Its a teaser, E3 is coming up, what else do you want?

Posted by CrazedJoker


Posted by Death_Unicorn

haha, the ark looks like a giant erection, yeah I know mature.

Posted by deaux

Ok, TheHBK, we hear you.
Bethesda is a quality studio, other than their involvement, there's not much to get excited about here.

Posted by lukegib

looks like it could be promising

Posted by zzZBibboZzz

WTF! does this mean there is no one working on TES5? or are bethesda game studios working on that?

Posted by McQuinn

Meh, probably just another shooter.  Unless you get in that arc and everything goes balls to the wall.

Posted by Kyle

lol wut?

Posted by K3vinkha0S

It dosent show much but still has me stoked. I love Bethesda

Posted by Trnck

Pretentiously cool trailers are wasting people's time.

Posted by OhdK

Interesting, since Bethesda made all those terminator FPSes back in the day--they practically invented WASD and mouse look

Posted by linfosoma

It reminds me to a manga know as Alita (or Gumm).

Posted by wh1terav3n

I'll be interested to see more. Bethesda's involvement doesn't mean much yet though. They also published that Star Trek game so...

Posted by TwoOneFive

this reminded me of the killzone 2 intro. 

Posted by Seedofpower

This reminds me of something to get really hyped over and then it turning into a peace of crap.

Posted by lok1

I thought they made Halo already.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Bullshit trailer, but I'll bite.

Posted by killdave

Trailers suck recently, anyone noticed ?

This is NOT how you advertise and hype your game !!

Posted by MeatSim

Teasers are getting annoying but i'm interested in any Bethesda or Splash Damage game and a collaboration between the two is awesome.

Posted by cityofdis0

I dont know whether it was a helm that he was wearing or not, but it seemed like his face was half dog.

Posted by HyphyCheese

So I went to ask the trailer what this game was about and it was like, "Nunya." And I was like, "What's nunya?" And it was like, "Nunya business!"  But then Team Pup and Suds totally kicked X-Blades ass so it was all good.

Posted by Landon

Brink? That Disney movie about skating?

Posted by wrecks

It's Oblivion in space.

Posted by theMcNasty

Bethesda nail first person shooter mechanics?  Did they fuck that up already?

My guns don't shoot dice rolls...

Posted by ghostNPC

damn teasers.

Posted by J4S0N

If trailers are supposed to make you interested in a game, then this one has failed miserably. 

Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by Origina1Penguin

Hopefully Splash Damage handles more of the gampelay side of things (read: shooting) and Bethesda does the writing and such.  I'm not sure what kind of partnership the two have in this though, so I may be thinking about it wrong.

As for the trailer itself, it would have been much better if instead of ending right when it did, it showed at least a speed montage of clips right after that.  You know, the kind that don't really show anything because they go by so fast but people can still pick them apart frame by frame.

Posted by addictedtopinescent
K3vinkha0S said:
It dosent show much but still has me stoked. I love Bethesda
My toughts exactly
Posted by TheClap

Dude, you're bleeding...dude....dude you're bleeding all over my window sill.

Posted by ddensel

Not much to see, but Bethesda's involvement guarantee's a certain quality, doesn't it?

Edited by Pinkshley1

Wow... hmmm not sure about this one.
Oh, and that trailer sucked. :D

Posted by AllusFreaksHave

Sweet! I've been waiting for a a game with awesome slow blinking motions......

Posted by Absurd

Made me curious

Posted by artofwar420

Don't tease me bro!

Posted by Osiris
J4S0N said:
If trailers are supposed to make you interested in a game, then this one has failed miserably. 
No it didn't, this was a very good trialer... made me very curious about a next one :)
Posted by TheHT

O....k.... I'm kinda interested. Pretty cool narator, kinda odd.

Those first two shots reminded me of the Citadel, especially the second.

Posted by Thunder

hopefully this game doesnt blow i love bethesda but id rather see some elder scrolls 5 then this unless it turns out to be amazing

Posted by Gunner612

looks alright.

Posted by JQuizzle

Sounds cool just need to see a lot more!!!!!!

Posted by solidlife


Posted by FlipperDesert

Well, that was informative.

Posted by Kohe321

Heh typical teaser :P

Posted by corgorav

I hope for some TES from B @E3

Posted by andrewf87462
SenatorSpacer said:
Kinda boring, tells me nothing about the game

Posted by PrayForP1agues

the trailer doesn't really tell you much but im sure this game will be pretty cool.

Posted by GoodKn1ght

brink is the name of an old disney movie....

Posted by HDCase

Don't you love it when you watch a trailer, go to the website they post at the end, and all that's there is the trailer you just watched? I sure do.

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