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Posted by Gylfi

Sold a long time ago on this one!

Posted by Coltonio7

3 Inches of Blood in a trailer. Finally.

Posted by HatKing

Yeah I'm kind of like Ryan on this one, I'm not really into the whole idea of it being a strategy game.  I guess I'll wait for the reviews to see how it plays out.  Although I do really hope that they put together an awesome rock concert at the end of the game.
Posted by Tordah

Awesome once again!

Posted by nidx

I love Tim Schafer and had a blast at the Brutal Legend Comic-Con Party, but this complicated strategy thing is like a hot supermodel that wants to have sex with you, but she has every std.

Posted by Teoball

Just listened to the podcast and kinda agreed with Jeff on this one. Then I saw this and I'm right back in again :/.
Posted by EdIsCool

Please please let the singleplayer be good enough and long enough so I dont have to play the multi.im not a strategy gamer.

Posted by RipTheVeins

I'm going to absolutely adore this game for the dialogue, characters, music, and the world itself, but I'm not huge on RTS-type-ish games.  With that said I love the fact that the units have so much personality to themselves...I mean HATE CAGE!

Posted by Dudacles

You know, if this game contained German voices, it could possible be all the better for it.

Posted by MjHealy

The podcast has gotten me a bit down but I will keep my hopes high.

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Posted by Food

I think the guys on the podcast were being too negative about a game that they really don't know a hell of a lot about at this point.  That said, I've never played a Tim Schafer game that wasn't somewhat flawed gameplay-wise. 

Posted by nrain

Tihs game really can't get much cooler.
Posted by giyanks22

Looks okay...I hope it is good. I might buy it, but I want to see more, before it makes my list.

Posted by animateria

I just hope the multi-player focus doesn't bog down the single-player mode into a tutorial.
I was sold but now I'm not so sure.

Posted by CL60

This game looks amazing.

Posted by ZombiePie

Yeah I have to agree with Jeff on this one, this game seems to be amalgamating far too many game mechanics under one roof.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

*Readying wallet for pre-order*
Posted by ajamafalous

3 Inches of Blood in a trailer.
My favorite trailer-related moment since Dimmu Borgir was in that PixelJunk Shooter trailer.

Posted by backwardscompatible

at 0:39 its the girl you meet right at the start of the game. In what looks like some dark ass robe. Looks like we got some accidental spoilers here.

Posted by viklanderviking

I was stoked on this game....until I heard about the strategy elements.

Posted by Boiglenoight

There were RTS elements in Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and it was fantastic.

Posted by MaddProdigy

On my list the first trailer I saw, pre order pre sold when i saw the developer driven quick look thing, now way past sold. Although all this talk of multiplayer being a large focus makes me question now. Looks like it could turn out as the awsomest thing ever or just have too much going on...still can't fuckin wait

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff made some good points, so will see how if those game mechanics come together in the final product.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Looks awesome!

Posted by Media_Master

Slo-mo kicking

Posted by Ghostiet
@backwardscompatible said:
" at 0:39 its the girl you meet right at the start of the game. In what looks like some dark ass robe. Looks like we got some accidental spoilers here. "

I wouldn't call it an accident - she was already confirmed as a faction leader in the multiplayer. So, if she's your PC there, she needs wings or other means of flying transportation.

Also, Schafer spoke about the relationship between Ophelia (the chick) and Eddie Riggs. He said it's paved with love, betrayal and redemption. They already said that she's injured before the fight with Lemmy Kilmister (who probably becomes an ally later on), so I believe she turns over to the emos for a chapter and then returns with her army as an ally, as she is present in the pictures with Demon Eddie.

Posted by Falkenfluegel

This is not a game, it s a legend.