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Posted by sandal_hat

Brutal MF n legend gotta love it

Posted by Mars_Cleric

wooooo Brutal Legend

Posted by Andborn

Raging metal boner for this. Psychonauts was one of THE best platformers.

Posted by Fei

less motley crue

Posted by Reuben

This game looks sweet!

Posted by TheGremp

This trailer has actually been around for weeks :( I was hoping for some new content.

Anyways, this game looks friggin brutal.

Posted by DECA555
@Fei said:
" less motley crue "
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Posted by CrazedJoker

It fucking need some Marilyn Manson. THIS IS THE NEW SHIT!

Posted by Reverseface

Still finding the voice matching the mouth movements really look BIZARRE

Posted by Kraznor

Was always onboard with this game due to Schafer but I'm really starting to appreciate Jack Black's involvement. He seems to be very capable at delivering this kind of humor based on these trailers.

Posted by Xiemos2

Looks genuinely awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

They should just call the Jack Black character Jack Black.

Posted by death_and_drek

I love metal and I like the idea of a metal-themed video game, but this project seems a little too self-aware for its own good.  Maybe it's just this trailer.

Also, I hope there's some good metal in it.  Never cared for Motley Crue.

Posted by ATalkingDog

wow, that was actually sorta funny. good job.

Posted by monkey523

aka  Jack Black: The Video Game

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

yet another game coming out in the fall that I need to get.

Posted by Seppli

Gotta pick this up!

Posted by JCGamer

This and Uncharted 2 are my "must have" games this holiday season.

Posted by Relys

I lol'd.

I can't wait for the game! :)

Posted by sdauz

i feel somehow this should be a summer commedy flick

Posted by Deusoma

What is with the Bomb Squad lately? This is about the third or fourth video they've posted since E3 started labelled as an 'E3 trailer' that's actually an old trailer that's been available for months. I think the ones they posted for FFXIII and Prototype were actually the announcement trailers from last year's E3. I've come to expect a lot better quality experience from you guys, come on.

Posted by ChocolateCoffin

Are you sure this is the right trailer upload? it's the same as the one posted weeks ago.

Posted by Media_Master

saw this already

Posted by Amorfati