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It's Jesus!

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Ryan with long hair?

Posted by SlantedRoom

nah.. not really interested
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You could say alot of bad things about this add-on, however, for people who are into the multiplayer this satisfies enough.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@TheMustacheHero said:
" Ryan with long hair? "
Posted by darkjester74
@TheMustacheHero said:
" Ryan with long hair? "
Also, that Psychonauts bit was pretty sweet.
Posted by okuzy

*yawn*. I love the different flavors each multiplayer faction has so when they make a DLC pack that actually makes a difference or adds something like another faction then you can call me back

Posted by ZeroCast

I'll pass.

Posted by MasonL87

Raz head on Mount Rockmore! Awesoem!

Posted by Foggen

There's also a car attachment that's supposed to help you find collectibles like bound serpents.  I feel really bad for wanting to buy this for that reason alone.

Posted by SaucySala

Anyone know if this game sold well?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Pretty sweet beard

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Is there actually a solid community of people playing the multiplayer aspect of this that would be excited about this?

Posted by ProjektGill

Hahaha I love how one of the Mount Rockmore heads was Raz from Psychonauts. I'm sure the other head were from Tim Schaefer's other games but Raz is the only person I know.

Posted by Vrock

Eddie "KISS" edition is creepy. Gonna buy that DLC.

Posted by Jackalol

Man, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be DLC for the story.  :(

Posted by Xeiphyer
@Jackalol said:
" Man, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be DLC for the story.  :( "
Me too.. pass. =(
Posted by Yummylee

Sooo if Ryan Davis grew a mullet?
Posted by Milkman

PDLC? That's a new acronym! Someone write that down!

Posted by TheYear20XX

Digging the Psychonauts love in this.

Posted by Dany

I seriously thought this was Ryan!

Posted by Soap

Will this make the game not suck? .... No? Shame.

Posted by Coltonio7

RAZ HEAD! ! ! !

Posted by Noxpectius

Already sold the game, I play games VERY slowly (I have yet to finish MW II SinglePlayer.), but I finished this game in one evening. True, didnt get all the dragons and other collectible stuff, but there was no real insentive to look for them. My biggest disappointment of the year, and I wasn't even all that hyped for it to begin with.
Posted by Nock
@Xeiphyer said:
" @Jackalol said:
" Man, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be DLC for the story.  :( "
Me too.. pass. =( "
Get some new story then we'll talk. Tim your breaking my heart man.
Posted by Shuborno

Dammit!  The single-player game is the part that needs more content!

Posted by punkxblaze

Good to know I'm not the only person who immediately thought bearded Eddie looked like Ryan.

Posted by Parsnip

ahahahaha, rockmore raz.

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Yes sir! The story was waaay too short. Let's hope this DLC has some meat to it.
/finds out it's not more story
Never mind.
@Abyssfull said:

" Sooo if Ryan Davis grew a mullet? "

That is most certainly not a mullet. The hair is pretty long in front, disqualifying it from mulletdom.
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So you get more maps and the ability to play the game with a beard? Hmm I was expecting more story content so no thanks.

Edited by Siris

so is anyone actually excited for accessory content like this?
I feel the core gameplay experience wasn't good enough to warrant any of this, but they gotta make something back for all their efforts I suppose...I just wonder who the hell is going to buy it when the core game wasn't much fun. The story and art visuals - hell yes, the gameplay experience.. meh.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy
@punkxblaze said:
"Good to know I'm not the only person who immediately thought bearded Eddie looked like Ryan. "

I thought the exact same thing.
Posted by GioVANNI

I'm liking Eddie "Mountain Man" Riggs.

Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1

When did Ryan Davis enter the world of Brutal Legend.

Posted by Kiro

The only thing interesting about this game was the lore and the story. I don't get why anyone at double fine thought it was a good idea to make some more maps for the horrible multiplayer (and a beard) than to extend the singleplayer.

Posted by nanikore


Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Ryan, grow a mullet and then post a side by side comparison.
...GROW FASTER! This DLC isn't going to be relevant forever!

Posted by crusader8463

No thanks, I'm stilled mad at the game for tricking me into dusting off my 360 and paying $70 for the POS game.

Posted by MrKlorox

WTF? People's definition of "Mullet" is pretty fucking loose.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Slough Feg!

Posted by Turambar

What is it with hammers and fates.

Edited by ninjadodo

The Stage Battles are actually rather enjoyable... you just have to forget playing defensively like it's a regular RTS. It's more Sacrifice than Starcraft.
... but sure, if you go in expecting Tim Schafer's God of War you will be disappointed.
I agree though singleplayer DLC would've been nice. Perhaps a mini-campaign with Ophelia and Doviculus as playable factions (though not sure how you could work that into the fiction). As it is, the only way to play as them is the multiplayer, or a custom AI game...

Posted by supermike6

so...some new skins.

Posted by fillmoejoe

The Raz head looks neat but no new songs?

Edited by swiller

It's worth the $5 IMO. It seems to have some cool new trophies/achievements, more multi-player maps (It is fun unlike what you hear!) and the eye of ocelot is  implemented well. Rather then littering the map with stuff, you have a eye mounted on the back of the deuce that blandly stares at the closest point of interest. No taking you out of the world. Better then a mini-map too! New deuce weapons as well.

Posted by Besetment

Did they just make a list of everything we don't want out of Brutal Legend DLC and put it into Brutal Legend DLC?

Posted by Kazona

I have yet to play the original game, so this DLC can wait.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

Eddie Riggs must have held out on shaving until I actually play Brutal Legend. Not likely. Sorry, Tim Schafer. :(

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