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Posted by Vigorousjammer

"oh man... don't tell me I've been slayin' hot girls this whole time..."

Posted by Aaron_G

This game was never on my rader originally, but this has become one of the games I have to get now. 

Posted by Vigorousjammer

The reason Motley Crue is in the game is cause (and Tim Scafer has said this) you're fighting the evil glam rock corporation, so their music will still be in the game, and it'll be treated fairly.
Tim Schafer knows what good metal is... he's mentioned Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Motorhead, etc. all before.

But, it wouldn't make any sense if the Glam Rockers were listening to Ozzy... so they had to throw some of this stuff in the game.  I dunno why it's in the trailer, honestly.... probobly on EA's part there.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Oh wow, that looks AWESOME!

Posted by Kiemoe

That was really amazing. That just sold me. I love story driven games, and that seems like one of the most cinematic experiences I've seen.

Posted by Laticsfan

I don't think I can be anymore syked for a game than this.

Posted by Under_Influenz

kick ass!

Posted by Carlos1408

AWESOMENESS! Can't wait for this game!

Posted by Utlas

I want there to be a Brütal Ledgend movie...

Posted by Kohe321


Posted by AustinJ

Not enough Motley Crue in trailers these days.

Posted by AllThatBacon

"Motley Crue is hair metal, commercial dreck that is about as brutal as Britney Spears.   99% of their songs are about partying and living the rockstar life.  Totally not metal."

Not metal but metal? Awesome.

Posted by Vagrant

Can't wait!

Posted by ObsideonDarman

OK they just sold me on this

So going to get this Game when it comes out
Posted by Media_Master

"Don't tell me I've been slaying hot girls this entire time"

Posted by bshirk

I'm not a metal or rock fan, but the game still looks awesome. 

Posted by AlonzoHarris

If the game is even half as good as the trailers it's gonna be awesome