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Posted by REDRUN

This is going to be great, i am eager to play this game.

Posted by ProfessorZombie

I cant FREAKIN Wait.

Posted by LordAndrew

This game looks sick!

Posted by ToxicFruit

i cant wait. 

look at the neck on those guys !

Posted by Jost1

holy effin crap

Edited by frenchdork

Im not a big fan of the subject matter so I'm not hyped up for the game but since it's Tim Schafer, I'll at least give it a try.

Posted by Hector

This is going to be awesome!

Edited by SleepyDoughnut

"Whatever it is, its f***king awesome"

Posted by AURON570

headbanging o.O

Posted by JJWeatherman

Oh man, this game will own.

Posted by Myrmidon

I love how they say it's heavy metal to the sound of Motley Crue, but fuck, Americans can be excused as they don't know the meaning of Heavy Metal. :P

It looks like a badass game but I imagine I'll get a little tired of hearing Jack Black talking fluent cliche.

Posted by RawShark

Oh my God I cannot WAIT. Looks like the first game where I'll have a grin from ear to ear since, I dunno, Curse of Monkey Island. But back then I was a wee youngster and I probably smiled like that at anything.

Posted by HallwayGiant

Um...hell yeah?

Posted by Akaso

Good lord, I'm excited. This game looks better and better the more I see of it.

Posted by Coltonio7

Man, the writing is so good. I've never laughed at a trailer for anything before. This may or may not be one of my favourite games of '09.

Posted by Gearhead

I like I told everyone this game would be awesome but no one listened to me. Fuck yes. 

Posted by Seijur0

I'll probably only check this out if it gets really good reviews cuz... I dunno, this game just isn't getting my interest.

Posted by Milkman

Holy shit, I want this.

Posted by Tearhead

Ok, Brutal Legend, you have my attention. Continue...

Posted by CL60


Posted by Ineedaname

Awesome, genuine laughter from that trailer.

Posted by Johanz

Hell... YES!

Posted by Serker

so happy this looks as good as it does.

Posted by Systech

I don't know if there's much else to say about this game except that it looks really, really awesome.

Posted by nickystixx

oh hell yeah! they should just make this game into a movie already.

Posted by idiotic_genius1

I am now looking forward to this.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Damn, I do not want to have to wait till October for this!

Posted by zityz

This looks amazing. Let's just hope this one actually sells.

Posted by TimeWaffle

this will be the greatest game ever

Posted by rargy

Had a feeling that was Jack Black.  October is too far away..

Posted by CannibalFerox

I want it now!!!!! Looks awesome!

Posted by CowMuffins

Do want.

Posted by Gregomasta

Great, exactly how I wanted it to look.

Posted by trophyhunter


Edited by MrKlorox

Hooray for metal and comedy in a videogame! Finally it comes! I guess I can tolerate the late 80's/early90's tinge.

@Myrmidon: You can be excused for your ignorance on what Americans do or do not know, as you don't live in America. This obviously wasn't created by a man who is into the current death/black/grind scene. In fact, it's made especially enjoyable FOR those that lived through the laughable 80's/90's hair phenomenon for the sake of nostalgia and self-parody. Not the 16 year olds listening to pig squeels and blast beats. You can make that game in 20 years once it falls prey to a new sound.

Posted by hanktherapper

I still have no idea what you actually do in the game.

Posted by fox01313

Oh your god, that game looks so wicked cool I can't wait to play it.

Posted by InFamous91


Posted by manathirst

I'm wanting the game more.  I was a big fan of Schaeffer's older works.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Looks so amazing and really funny, I love the head bangers with the large neck muscles lol.

Posted by Downloaded

I'm really hoping this game turns out to be a blast.  I'm not a fan of metal but I can appreciate the somewhat wacky culture it's associated with.  I'm super excited, guys.

Posted by lamegame621

Dude, yes...YES!!!!

Posted by Sarnecki


Posted by strangeling


Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Looking F*ing awesome. Can't wait.

Posted by Quadrifoglio

This game will be GOTY. Fact.

Posted by topraman517

Why Motley Crue?  Sorry, I know this is a minor detail for most, but I can't ignore this.  Motley Crue is hair metal, commercial dreck that is about as brutal as Britney Spears.   99% of their songs are about partying and living the rockstar life.  Totally not metal.  Isn't the main villain in this game a glam metal dude?

Anyway, I hope this is just part of EA's marketing.  Part of the reason I was looking forward to this game was because it seemed like a tribute to a genre that, in its purest form, has never been mainstream, whether it be classic, thrash, black, or death.  Of course, realistically such a game would never get the proper financial support.  Regardless, other than being a metal fan I am also a Tim Schafer fan, so as long as this is a good game I can overlook the commercialism.  Jack Black included.  God, I hate his humor.

Posted by lordofultima

Motley Crus is indeed not metal of any form. I have to agree.

Posted by eclipsesis

this game couldn't look any better

Posted by bcfish

This is School of Rock meets God of War. A marriage made in heaven!  Can't wait!

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