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Posted by Jimbo
@Scotto said:
" I haven't found any of these videos too funny yet, though I don't mind Jack Black.

The non-stop jockeying for cool credibility in the comments here, by moaning about Jack Black, is even less funny though.  Schaefer created a character, and JB's Tenacious D persona fits that character perfectly.  Quit bitching, and making ridiculous comments like "these videos make me want the game less".
They do make me want the game less.  This is straight up advertising for the game and the way they keep falling back on Jack 'One Trick Pony' Black and his 'Dur hur! Look how stoopeed I cun pretend to be guyz!1" act, gives the impression that's going to be the theme throughout the game.

The (excellent) dialogue in the QL gave a completely different impression.  One which makes me think the character isn't (or at least wasn't) supposed to just be Jack Black's Jack Black persona.  The delivery of that dialogue made me think that perhaps JB didn't understand what was required of him. 

So no, I don't think it's a perfect fit at all - I think somebody overestimated JB's ability to do anything other than his regular routine.

I really don't know what to expect from this game atm.  Is Eddie Riggs actually just Jack Black?  Or does he just happen to be voiced by the same guy?
Posted by TooWalrus

Jeff Gerstmann doesn't like Jack Black, therefore half of Giantbomb.com doesn't like Jack Black. But that's to be expected! Even if he isn't the greatest personality, he's still the perfect guy for this game.

Posted by FoxMulder

I am so psyched for this game!!!!!!!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

They really need to stop making these.

Edited by Smersh

(some of) You Giant Bombers are such sheep!

Just cause Jeff isn't a Jack Black fan doesn't mean you have to rubbish an honestly funny guy.
Sure Jack Black is in a ton of stuff these days but that just means he's making a mint!
Good on him, and shame on you little lambs.

Edit: Just read TooWalrus' post ... shame on me too.
Posted by Absurd
@Smersh: I like Jack Black :D
Posted by senrat

I hope this wasnt supposed to be funny.  The game actually looks cool but this isnt advertising it very well. 

Posted by jakob187


Besides that...I hate Jack Black but love Tim Schafer.  Therefore, I'll play the game but hate the lead character.  =  /
Posted by Dethfish

This video would have been shit if it wasn't for Iced Earth.

Posted by joelalfaro

Jack Black's not bad. It's just fashionable to make fun of him now. Like Dane Cook.  It's the dangers of overexposure.

I don't have a problem with Jack Black.
Posted by Niccoles

Jack Black is ok but his routine is REALLY getting old. The quick look was good, but they need to stop with the Jack Black focused trailers and focus more on the game.

Posted by jazzysnazzy

A lot of jack black hate, but i think he is alright. Game looks cool, i dont know why anyone would really have a problem with him being the main character, im sure he is better then who ever else they would have gotten to be the guy.

Posted by Bucketdeth

I love how the video has Iced Earth's "Pure Evil" Playing in the backround, great song.

Posted by zityz

I thought the boom guy down joke was pretty good. He needs to down down the Jack Blackness from 10 to 6 on the Jack Black Scale.

Posted by Andborn
@joelalfaro: Gots no problem with Cook, especially after seeing him in Mr. Brooks, and yes it may be hip to dislike Jack Black but I think he has an overall appeal to a younger crowd. MY nieces and nephews love him! But they're under the 10 yr. mark. Pick of Destiny was funny as hell.

By the way is it now the "thing to do"  to defend all lost causes? Black will be fine without any of you in his corner.
Posted by TheFrostedGamer

eh.. game looks solid. Personally, I don't think the game actually *needed* Jack Black. Like I don't think the game really sees a tangible benefit from his inclusion. That being said, I don't say that because I don't like Jack Black. Jack was fun in stuff like School of Rock, Saving Silverman, Cable Guy etc. He is a bit over-saturated though so, if they wouldn't have included his mannerisms and likeness, one could speculate that the game would possibly get more sales. It's like if you made a Call of Duty game with Ben Stiller just because he was in Tropic Thunder. Sure, it's going to sell because it's Call of Duty, and they might could write Stiller in well. But wouldn't you get tired of seeing these over-saturated actors in your favorite games? Wouldn't it be better if the developers focused more on character creation/customization so you could design your own hero or anti-hero? I'd love to see a game that does a quality job of actually letting you write your character's backstory along with a robust creation tool, and have that integrate itself into the game. Anyway, if you need a Jack Black fix, just watch Kung Fu Panda. He doesn't need to be in Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty.

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They said that Riggs' appearance was based a little bit on Black and Glenn Danzig, yet they weren't thinking of Black as a voice actor for the character. His hiring was purely coincidential, as Black approached them himself. It occured that he's an avid gamer and loved Psychonauts, so they gave it a try.

I actually think Jack Black suits the role and the game - especially that he sounds brilliant and not too-Jack-Blackish in the in-game dialogue. The commercials are shit, though.

Posted by geirr

Another risk of games falling behind in development;
you get tired of the main star way before launch.
Even Tim Schäfer seemed like he had to force excitement when he mentioned Jack was in it last.

Edited by DickasaurusRex

I'm calling it. Not that Jack Black is the next Andy Kaufman, but all these collective, uninspired pokes at him make me like him. If for nothing else than to disassociate myself from all you idiots.

Posted by artofwar420

The game is already awesome, maybe we could have used less of these. But hey, if Jack Black is down, then you gotta do it.

Posted by Media_Master

that axe looks sharp

Posted by skyturnedred

Breaking stuff with an axe was surprisingly lame, but Iced Earth saved it. Reminded me of that great album, gotta listen to that record now.

Also, Jack Black ain't as bad as people think. This is just him doing his Tenacious D character all over again. Besides, Black was in High Fidelity, so mad props!

Posted by SockLobster
Yeah I am a huge fan of his and while i didn't laugh out loud at these Brutal thoughts they certainly won't prevent me from buying the game. Everyone is acting like Jack Black is just gonna be improvising all the way through the game. It is gonna be scripted by the great master of funny video games, Tim Schafer. Seriously double fine can do no wrong and people need to buy this so that they can keep making awesome stuff. I mean it has zip faced sexy demon nuns...what more could you want?
Posted by AvD
Hello my name is Anthony and I am a Jack Black fan...
Posted by Rio

You people try way too hard to dislike Jack Black, seriously, thats largely why you have such a problem with him.  I swear its like the popular thing now to go out of your way to make sure people know that you also dont like JB.  Whatever, the guy is genuinely a good guy and has done very well with this game, so dont mind me if I enjoy what he puts into it.

Posted by TomA

Fuck all you Jack Black haters. You only hate him cause other people like him, your like Jeff G for craps sake.

Posted by Gamer_152

I want me some battle axe!

Edited by jmrwacko

Jack Black's only funny within the context of rock. That's why I absolutely hated his character in Tropic Thunder, because it was a complete casting error.


" Fuck all you Jack Black haters. You only hate him cause other people like him, your like Jeff G for craps sake. "

Jeff's a lot easier to like than Jack Black, imo.
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

So what if these vids are corny as hell I still want the game.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

boy brad, you're always so insightful with all your descriptions of anything