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Great to see this up so quick since I missed this week's happy hour.

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So close, no matter how far....

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I am 100% buying this game when it comes out it looks amazing!!! im so excited!!!

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Jen is hot as fuck.

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Love this series! 
Also, it's really nice (and disorienting) to see gigantic game boxes of old.

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The only thing that bums me out about this is that it won't be out for another year or so.

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thanks for the upload! 
will I be able to see the whole happy hour somewhere?  I missed it.

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Man, the minute they walk into the house, my first thought was "The Social Network".

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Greg Kasavin: "FEAR. Still, for my money, the best combat in a first person shooter." 

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could someone direct me to part 1

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the thing greg was talking about with packaging, that even started just since this generation. Starcraft 2 comes with a very minimal users guide whearas warcraft 3 came with a thick story rich manual.

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@VisariLoyalist: Here you go:  http://www.giantbomb.com/whiskey-media-happy-hour-102910/17-3433/ 
We don't have it separated like this one -- it's in the first half hour of this "free for all" Happy Hour.
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Ahhh I want this already!

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@VisariLoyalist said:
" could someone direct me to part 1 "
indeed, where's part 1?????
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Bastion's looking really, really cool. Always like it when indie projects look better than most big-publisher backed games. 
Although, does this separate 37-minute excerpt mean that regular members won't be able to see the rest of the Happy Hour?

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Funny :)

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Am I the only one concerned about Bastion over exposure? 
What I mean is the game looks REALLY interesting. Just wondering if a downloadable title can bear the weight of so much behind the scenes and advanced footage without losing a little magic when it comes time to play the game. 
At the current pace we're gonna get at least another 5 of these before it releases. I'm hoping this kind of 'making of', which is usually viewed after having played/beaten the game, doesn't spoil the game before I get my mitts on it. 
And to fully clarify, I only care because I want the game. I wouldn't give a fuck if it wasn't something I was planning playing it.

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I love this segment! These guys are amazing at what they do, as someone who knows about this stuff seeing these behind the scenes really excites me.  The game is looking fantastic and a definite day one buy.  Great job Super Giant Games I can't wait!

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maybe i had missed it. if it is a PC release, have they slated it as a steam release?... but anyways, can't fucking wait for this. seems it could be a nice 20-30 hour experience. definitely a first day buy for me.
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Building the Bastion is really fascinating stuff.  I love the insight into the actual design process of the game.  Keep up the good work!

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Like the hand drawn style. 

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I absolutely loved the "They don't make games like they used to" question from Ryan to Greg about being a fully digital download game. And Greg played the great politician. Very nice, game looks cool, only time will tell.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Jen is hot as fuck. "
Stay classy, comments section.
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@Claude said:
" I absolutely loved the "They don't make games like they used to" question from Ryan to Greg about being a fully digital download game. And Greg played the great politician. Very nice, game looks cool, only time will tell. "
Time that none of us have! 
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Seeing the game played in that very early build was interesting as hell. Great video coverage, Giant  Bomb.

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totally guessed fluffy's name

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Looks awesome :D Definitely gonna buy it!

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Genuinely one of, if not my favorite segment on giantbomb so far. I had a chance to talk with most of them at PAX, really looking forward to the game.

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Who is the narator? 
Superb art btw.

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That difficulty tuning idea is absolute genius... There are a lot of really good ideas being talked about here, but that one blows me away with how good of an idea it actually is.

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I love the way Gregg Kasavin speaks, especially at the part about fluffy! 
It's looking awesome, I wish the best of luck to the whole team!

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I truly hope this'll work out for Kasavin and consorts. Man, he (Greg) is really living his dream as a 'Game-Maker'. But... I'm not going to lie, Bastion is not my kind of game. Maybe they'll win me over in the process, but for now, no.
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TWEWY was the last game I played with extensive difficulty tuning and it was addictive as fuck to make it super hard. Hopefully this works just as well.

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bastion is looking amazing, i figure it might be a summer of arcade release based on the overall quality of the demo's i imagine people at microsoft are salivating over potential sales figures for this.

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Jen shouldn't be worried about saturation. I think the green in that one jungle-ish scene was perfect. Games need colour, MORE COLOUR! EVERYTHING RED AND PINK NOW!

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this looks more and more enticing

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The game's really growing on me. Can't wait to play it.
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Greg rules!

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@the_purgatory_station: Thanks for the link.
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You ever have that feeling that you are forgetting something important ,  it was nagging at the back of my mind all last night wile I wasnt watching this
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I'm really looking forward to Bastion. Thanks for the coverage!
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@Elusionar said:
"Who is the narator? 

Superb art btw."

I think they mentioned in part 1 or in some interview video at some point that the narration was done by their 5th member, the guy who does music as well I think. He hasn't been on either of the Building the Bastion segments.
I might be totally wrong though, its been a while.
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The early build versus the latest build is the coolest part of these. It really gives a sense of how a game is built and progresses.

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It's weird but Greg looks younger now...
I'm glad I saw this video, I'll most likely pick this up when it's out.

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Greg K. has some amazing games in his collection!

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I was really hoping the song at 6:30 (after the ultima game add ins discussion) was the Klaymen Shuffle. Instead it was some similar random royalty free tune.


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Kudos to lemon for asking my question.  The stream was lagging so bad yesterday that I must have missed it.  The game is still looking pretty neat.  Keep up the great work guys.

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I love seeing people who truly love games making them.