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@Vinchenzo: You're a monster.
Posted by p3lon_

Very interested in this game

Posted by Mars_Cleric
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" @Vinchenzo: You're a monster. "

Posted by Bigby

I remember this, the narration thing was a very cool addition to the overall game. Felt nice and not overdrawn or out of place. 

Posted by fhantom

This looks interesting. Hopefully they put a demo out so I can try it first.

Posted by drowsap

finally been waiting for this   cant wait till the happy hour goes up

Posted by Dany

this was the first one featuring bastian that I would miss. Glad to see that these are uploaded aswell, can't wait!!

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Liking the office pet action. And the machete.
Also, cool shrine bro.

Posted by Nizzleworth

I don't know how I feel about these. It's cool, but I can only take sooo much coverage of a game pre-release.

Posted by mockenoff

Oh god, her Photoshop layers and groups are so organized. Someone please teach the designers I work with to do the same. PUTTING 100 LAYERS IN A GROUP AND NAMING IT "VERSION 1" DOES NOT HELP ANYONE.

Posted by Gregomasta

Wait, is that American Mcgee?

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I love the art. Totally willing to buy an artbook or something.

Posted by Scarabus

Keep up the good work guys. The game looks amazing so far.

Posted by Soap

Jen Zee's art style is really awesome, I can't wait to see more of this. 

Posted by Khessed

Oh wow I want that narrator as DM for my next D&D session! That was awesome XD

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Wow I never would have expected the narrator to look so young

Posted by kall0

anyone know that keyboard jens using?=)

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I really love these videos, can't wait for more of these!

Posted by Rox360

Man, I wish I could work with... that. I'd love to be "that guy" that you send your concepts off to and get a model back, or that guy you send your models off to and get a fully animated critter back.
Also, holy crap, I think I have a mancrush on Logan... Him reading DND stuff would make the best bedtime story ever.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

It's been fun to watch the development of this.  I'll be looking forward to this game's release!

Posted by Vexxan

Looks cool, awesome artwork. Looking forward to this one!

Posted by Sanj

Really getting pumped for this game. 

Posted by KillyDarko

Dude, I thought the narrator was like, 50 or something. Anyway, that guy is awesome!!

Posted by gaffyh

best episode of this so far... mainly because it was more art based which i am interested in. 
But also because Jen is easily the most attractive member of the team....well apart from Greg, but that goes without say really.    
Posted by GunnBjorn

Making games surely makes you losing track of time, doesn't it, Gregory? XP
Posted by Zenwork

Looks great.. ;-)

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Oh wow that last question was awesome xD. So freaking sweet to hear everything from the developers I love building the bastion!

Posted by louis0nfire

Yo dawg, I heard you like building Bastion's.

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Posted by BUCK3TM4N

looks cool

Posted by LiquidPrince

I'd prefer to buy this on my PS3 rather then my 360. Oh, lo and behold it is coming for PS3. I thought it was 360 only.

Posted by MaddProdigy

Man I didn't expect game design to involve so few people. I guess it is just a little indie game but still, I always imagine a huge office full of cubicles of people for some reason... 
Really awesome idea following this games development, can't wait for more!

Posted by Linkster7

Is there not a Pokey type thing in Zelda? I'm sure I remember some.

Posted by leejunfan83

looking really good so far can't wait to see the finished product and kudos to Giant Bomb for bringing us this inside look at game development 

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Do we get a discount on any artbooks if we're GiantBomb premium members? ;-p 
Plus, will get when it comes out.

Posted by Livebythesword

These are the best segments on the site... I would love more looks inside the world of game development, this is just great.

Posted by golguin

Game is coming along really good.

Posted by Kratch

I'm going to buy the shit out of this game.

Posted by DocColossus

This is a must buy for me. She is an incredible artist.

Posted by Apollo87

Game is looking very good, the art is fantastic, anyone have any idea of the release window?

Posted by zameer

I think these segments have easily become my favourite feature of the site, really look forward to em.

Posted by Psykhophear

Thanks for posting this.

Posted by Claude

I'll buy it.

Posted by JJWeatherman

If the Bastion team reads this: You guys are awesome and you seem to be making a game that lives up to that awesomeness. Best of luck with the rest of development.

Posted by Reizarvg

That cat was fucking awesome.
What was this video about again?

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