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Posted by Gold_Skulltulla


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Posted by Giraffeking

Looking forward to this game

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Posted by Conker
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Posted by Damodar

lol I love that you can hear Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin in Greg's car

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Posted by daftdethmonkey

Diablo rap is pretty rad.

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Posted by Dany

Totally missed this as well wit hthe first half of happy hour

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Posted by RobotHamster

Really looking forward to playing this,  all of the building the bastions have been amazing so far.

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Posted by kollay

Bind those keys, motherfuckers.

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Posted by Godak

Heck yes!

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Posted by Warihay

Hell yea!

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Posted by ReyGitano

Seeing the development of this game come along on Giant Bomb has been an adventure. When that achievement unlocked for the first time I could just imagine how joyous and relieved they must have felt. It's great seeing people making their dreams a reality. Congrats to Greg and the rest of the people at Supergiant games, I'm looking forward to playing this.

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Posted by Sin4profit

Wacom Intuos 4's texture's weird? bah, replace that texture or  just cover it with a new texture...you can slap anything no more then half an inch thick between the pen and the tablet and it still works...BAH!! BAH I SAY!!!

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Posted by Ezekeilpurger

that diablo 2 song is pretty much the best thing i've ever heard in my life.

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Edited by iWonder

Amir Rao - Rapper of the year

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Posted by Cirdain
@Sin4profit said:
" Wacom Intuos 4's texture's weird? bah, replace that texture or  just cover it with a new texture...you can slap anything no more then half an inch thick between the pen and the tablet and it still works...BAH!! BAH I SAY!!! "
oh wow. Never new you could do that. I want one some day....
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Posted by andrewtr

The art of this game looks fucking killerrr

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Posted by Knibbly

L-l-l-layout change on Giantbomb.com!

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Edited by DancingJesus

This is some of the most interesting and unique content available on Giant Bomb. I really love seeing what goes into making an independent game like this. 
Please continue the great work and I'd love to see similar types of features with other games in the future.

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Posted by darkdragonsoul99

How much for the  Diablo 2 rap ?

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Posted by jorbear

Never not binding.

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Posted by Johnny5

Really loving this, and I ALWAYS want to see more Greg.  
Honestly , seeing all the small touchs like breathe condensation and rain tweaking. Its a beautiful game, can't wait.    

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Posted by MiniPato

She speaks the truth! FFIX was the peak!

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Posted by Claude

Absolutely stunning from beginning to end. Bastion is a game for me. That rap was fucking amazing.

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Posted by WindFall259

We so excited.

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Posted by CrazedMaverick

Optimize the RAIN!

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Posted by Claude

Here's the full video of "Bind Those Keys".

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Posted by Overwatch

Bastion is actually starting to look very, very interesting. Looking forward to this game.

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Posted by Banggoo
@Conker said:
Stop yelling at me Alexis!
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Posted by doejonathan

@GregK :Congratulations on finding a publisher. I understand you want to focus on bringing it to one platform properly with such a small team, but if you manage to get Bastion published on PSN at some later date, you'll have another sale. You tell the suits at WB some dude on the internets said so.  
Keep it up Supergiant, you're really onto something here.

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Posted by DrJota

Bonus points for Led Zep.

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Posted by Bubbly

Wow this is the first time I'm seeing this game (somewhat new here) and it looks pretty damn cool. The last arcade game I bought was Super Meat Boy. This may be my next purchase.

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Posted by Fjordson

Jen is fucking right. Final Fantasy IX was the shit.

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Posted by Khann

Bah, stop bloody rushing these segments! They're excellent!

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Posted by Twinblade34

dammit, i wanted to see an actual level from the current build ><

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Posted by ZeekDaGeek
@Khann said:
" Bah, stop bloody rushing these segments! They're excellent! "
Always leave them wanting more.
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Posted by KnifeySpoony

Looking very promising. Congratulations on getting the publishing deal Supergiant folks!

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Posted by Mayu_Zane

Definitely looking forward to this!

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Posted by golguin

I wanted to see more of the new art style.

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Posted by Vexxan

The game looks amazing as ever, can't wait to pick this one up. The art is just astonishing - I can't find words for how to describe it. 
Hope GB will continue doing these indie developer shorts, it's really interesting to follow the development and seeing a game grow from idea to finish.

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Posted by Fattony12000


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Posted by colinjw

I can't wait to play this game. No really I can't, I have some stuff to do.  
Maybe I can wait around for a bit.

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Posted by buft

this game looks incredible

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Posted by samcotts

Love these segments/videos. 
The game looks amazing. Definitely going to get this when it comes out.

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Posted by Nogert

How weird is that I have the exact same monitor, and tablet as the lady artist, I thought that was rather coincidental.

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Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

God damn it Ryan, FFS just let him say what it means!

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Posted by michaelfossbakk

I prefer watching them work on the game and listen to them talk about making it than actually watching the gameplay. Anyone else?  

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Posted by loiv

Can't wait    

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Posted by eduardo

Agreed! FFIX is awesome!!!

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Posted by whatsupgoose

Am I wrong or is the dickhead guy from that Darkon movie in the crowd for the rap performance?

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Posted by Sneakybadger

bind those keys. 
pro tip.

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