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Posted by ElbartoVienna

Uuuh, new BP trailer, can't wait :)

Posted by Jag40

Finally the new island.

Posted by iAmJohn


Posted by Ineedaname

Can't see it!

Posted by Jiquk

I hope they include some --BIG ASS RAMPS-- lol

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

Nothing comes up when I try to run this video.

Posted by samcotts

Looks really good. Shame I'm more of a Burnout 3 fan and sold Paradise quite some time ago.

Posted by Mawryk

Looks absolutely ridiculous.  Makes me want to play a racing game!!!

Posted by Death_Burnout

Looks sick! loving the Dust Storm

Edited by TheToecutter

That reminds me, I still have atleast 100 BIG ASS RAMPS still to hit in Burnout

Also Mega Jump FTW

Posted by YoConraaa

Hmmm, any ideas of how much it's gonna cost? 1200 Points maybe ?

Posted by NickNorman
I love Criterion for continuing to support Burnout. It came out in January - of 2008. That's commitment. I can't wait for BSI and all its big ass ramps.
Posted by Baggykins

Big ass ramps! i am convinced! i must own this game!

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Hey yo! fitty! you see all those big ass ramps!?

Posted by SHHADOWW

Criterion are just awesome for all the support they have giving this game maybe other developers should follow what Criterion have done with Burnout.

Posted by Reverseface

This summer.......instead of going out in the sun and having a good time...STAY IN AND GO TO SURF ISLAND!!!

Posted by Kazona

Holy shit, that looks totally awesome. I am definitely going back to Burnout Paradise now. BOOYA!

Posted by MicrosoftEAGames

This looks really awesome! Mega jumps?!?! Count me in

Posted by DrRandle

I'm curious to know... My boyfriend picked up the all-cars-unlocked pack, so does he get the new winable cars off the bat or does he still have to earn those?

Either case: I'm very excited for this.

Posted by kashif1

june 11th, cant wiat

Posted by plagueseason

Might be making my first purchase from the Burnout Store with this one. Burnout Paradise is one of this gens greatest titles. I've never even been a fan of racing games, but I got straight up addicted to this game.

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Looks like the first DLC pack I might actually get for this game.

Posted by stealthdf2

wow looks awesome.

Posted by TobyD81

Ooooo, cool. Can't wait!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Its starting to look like an RC game, the jumps are so massive xD

Posted by Lukeweizer

Looks great, but it's probably going to cost 1200-1600 points. And the PS3 version is probably going to have more trophies than the 360 version has achievements, which makes me bitter.

Posted by Kyle

Let's pretty sweet. I don't know if I'll be able to spend $20 on it though. I hope it's a little less.

Posted by Marconi88

This DLC pack looks awesome. 

Posted by Lumley

Woah. that is really soon.
I can't wait! Imagine a quadruple barrel roll off a mega jump..
I really don't care about the price!

Posted by Milkman

What the hell is this talk about $20? Pretty sure this is free.

Posted by Myrmidon

I DEMAND a quick look on this.


Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

I love the aqueduct. Spirit of Revenge in there...

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Ah, man, I leave for a three week vacation right when this comes out. 

At least I will have something to look forward to when I get back!  It looks amazing.

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*edit* All of the "fiddy" and "big ass ramps" comments crack my shit all up.

Posted by smokeH


Posted by lordofultima

"Deese's Donuts." Hilarious.

Posted by imayellowfellow

hey comes out on my birthday as well as the day my high school lets out

Posted by virtorio

OK.  Yes.  Alright.  Bring it.

Posted by Hexogen
Milkman said:
What the hell is this talk about $20? Pretty sure this is free.
It originally was slated as free, but I'm pretty sure they changed it to premium. At least, that's what this post on their site implies.
Posted by darkspirit138


Posted by pause422

I think Criterion sets a great example by all the DLC they've released in post release, mostly for free too, I just can't have my interest held for a game like Burnout Paradise this long after its been released no matter how much DLC there is. I still commend them for supporting their game so long.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Uh, nobody is going to play this.  BP is so old, I don't know anyone who still cares.

Posted by DawnShinto

I just got my friends to buy Burnout, cant wait for this to be released....

Posted by Zinc
DavidSnakes said:
Uh, nobody is going to play this.  BP is so old, I don't know anyone who still cares.
Posted by monkey523

this makes me want to finally buy this damn game!

Posted by Bigandtasty

Looks good but I'm wary of it costing $20; that's more than I paid for the game new =/

Posted by Alphawolfy

Can't wait for the Big Ass Ramps!

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

this reminds me of track mania, how bout anyone else?

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DavidSnakes said:
Uh, nobody is going to play this.  BP is so old, I don't know anyone who still cares.
Get out of this site. Nao.
Posted by dagas

Despite being about 100 years old in game-time I haven't played the game yet. I'm about to start any day now when I have the time. Other games I've been playing lately, the first Puzzle Quest and Pheonix Wright 2. Not everyone can buy and play every game at day one.

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