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Posted by rudyseidl

Thank you GB for this video! I've been considering a 3DSXL and this helps out immensely!

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I guess California Extreme is a good place to do your muggings.

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Holy shit, that was a ton of money.

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@Wortdog said:

Mo' Money. Mo' Problems

I wanna punch myself in the face... With cats!

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I have been considering getting a 3DS but I don't want one that damn big. I would love one that is the regular size with the XL design. I think I will just continue to wait for a redesign that has to be happening at some point, even if at E3 they said they weren't going to they blatantly did with the XL a few weeks later.

Posted by MjHealy

Continuing the fine tradition of DS unboxing videos. No finer coverage.

Posted by benu302000

Fuck, dude. Remind me to mug the shit out of Jeff.

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@benu302000 said:

Fuck, dude. Remind me to mug the shit out of Jeff.

seriously, thats a lot of cash

Posted by Brad

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@JJOR64 said:

Man this thing is really tempting. Unfortunately if I want to get one of these, I will have to get another 32GB SD card because that is what is in my current 3DS right now. Not to sure if I am over 4GB (which comes with the 3DS XL), but I want to have all that space for other game downloads and such.

EDIT: Just checked my SD and I'm about at 4 GBs, so the new SD card would be about full already.

You can transfer it all over. I read all about it yesterday in preparation. Just do a search for "3DS system transfer SD card" on Google and you'll find what you need. No need to buy a new card.

I know I can transfer it all over, but I want to have 32GB SD card, not a 4 GB SD card. I want to transfer from a 32GB to a 32GB, not 32GB to 4GB. Plus I want to get another one anyways because the Wii U will most likely use SD cards again.

Why do you need to transfer it at all? When you do the system transfer utility, you simply move your old SD card into the new 3DS.

Posted by ThePickle

Jeff stackin' the Benjies!

Posted by The_Moose

dont make me get one !

Posted by Diablos1125

Blurry ass hell brad

Posted by MachoFantastico

Was tempted by this but I dunno, something about it looks tacky. Actually prefer the original 3DS design.

Posted by sungahymn

My god, that's an unnerving amount of cash.

Posted by Shaunage

That's weird, my Australian one came with a power adapter.