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Can I get fries with that?

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wow thats a lot of money

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Mo' Money. Mo' Problems

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When Jeff pulled out the wad of dosh, I started sweating.

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Brad could have got it if he had thrown in that disc of Never Dead.

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Jeff, I'm totally going to mug you now.

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Dat CBS money

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Whoa Jeff. High rolla'

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No girls this time around?

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Carrying $2,200 in cash in your wallet.

Livin' on the edge.

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It's always best to show the world that you, as a recognizable person, are carrying hundreds of dollars of cash in your wallet...

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@TheGlitchmaster said:

When Jeff pulled out the wad of dosh, I started sweating.

I'm glad here in the Netherlands we have embraced electronic payments so we don't have to walk over street with thousands of euros.

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So Jeff was like me. He kept all of his large bills in his wallet because I didn't want to put it in the bank.

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That is some California XTREEM money!

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I'm going to be there at California Extreme, and will totally have an alibi for when Jeff's hotel room gets ransacked.

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Goddamn Jeff, why you have so much money in yo wallet dawg? There's more to this than we know gentlemen. -_-

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I was gonna get a regular 3DS but I guess I'll wait for this bad boy.

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Want a great way to impress your friends? Mix beer with shitty coolers!

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That is the color of my DSIXL. Well, I'm sold.

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DAMN, Jeff is papered up!!

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Eat like a man, by eating something shaped like a dick and made of meat.

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JESUS JEFF!! He is rolling deep, so deep....

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Goddamn Jeff.

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God damn Jeff made me laugh the first 5 seconds of the video.

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Man, i really want a 3DS.

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Kind of want an XL. I'm not going to pocket the thing, so why not get the big screen?

Edit: Man, that's Big Dog Money.

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Jeff is LOADED

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Why the hell is Jeff rolling around with 2 grand in his wallet?

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Is it hard to hear Jeff talk about that money being for the arcade machine? That's why he has over two grand on him, jeez.

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If I didn't already have a 3DS, I'd be all over this. I don't like the shiny plastic, the bigger screen seems great, and the controls (especially the shoulder buttons) look more comfortable. The lack of a black one (just blue and pink) is dumb though.

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That thing is looking good. Glad I held off buying a 3DS until now. :D

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I sold my 3DS a while back to get a Wii (yeah, I know). Now I'm thinking of throwing my money back at Nintendo and I'll probably end up with one of these. It seems silly to buy something that is 90% smaller play-screen for only $30 less.

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- Ryan Davis

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Man that screen is HUGE.

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I guess the guys don't have a cash problem lol.

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It's always a good idea to let the entire internet know that you've got two large in your wallet before going to a convention.... or expo.... .or whatever CA Extreme is classified as.

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By the way, I'll probably buy this thing.

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Those screens still look so shitty. Honestly, the only reason I'm keeping my 3DS is because of the inevitable Pokemon games. Can't believe I spent $250 on that thing.

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damn i want that translink card

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@noby_guy: Pretty sure it's for California Extreme

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Ok, after watching the video, that money is for California Extreme.

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@mrcraggle: Yea I just finished watching lol

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Does this camera not have a macro option or did Brad pull a Brad again?

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I hate that I am getting that exact package, but I have to wait until August 18th. Bah!

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:

Why the hell is Jeff rolling around with 2 grand in his wallet?

California Extreme. I assume he took it out in advance of bartering for some new cabinets, since they are heading to the hotel right after work.

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What no group of ladies storming into the office?