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Posted by Superkenon

I held off buying the original 3DS, because I figured I may as well wait for the games and the new model to show.

Now is the time.

Posted by Zacagawea

Man, that thing is fucking ugly

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

@DigTheDoug said:

That is some California XTREEM money!


Posted by Landon

Jesus Jeff, walkin' around with $2200 in cash.

Posted by Tsuchikage

The 3DS XL looks uglier than the regular 3DS. Maybe it's the color and lack of a glossy finish? Also Jeff, you shouldn't be flashing that much cash in public. You never know who's watching.

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But....it's not purple...:( I guess I'll still get the blue one for Christmas...

Posted by AjayRaz

man that thing is thin. looks thinner than the 3DS itself. pretty awesome color though

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Posted by alibson

Is it like pumped full of hormones or something?

Posted by Hizang

I really don't know if I should get one, I mean I have had the 3DS for so long and hardly touched it. Perhaps if I get this is will encourage me to play it more often, but perhaps thats just a huge waste.

Posted by lightsoda

There's not enough content. Blerg blerg blerg.

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@Knite said:

Does this camera not have a macro option or did Brad pull a Brad again?

Brad pulled a Brad again.
Posted by TheHT

I wanna play some Mario real bad right now.

Posted by wumbo3000

Brad couldn't have ended it any better.

Posted by NuclearMusic

Don't have a 3DS as of right now, maybe I'll reconsider...

Posted by supercubedude

Me and this briefcase full of gold bullion are looking for some arcade machines.

Posted by theimmortalbum

Gah I wish I could just bust out $2000 whenever I wanted. Wonder what he makes?

Posted by Seraphim84

Oh, that's why Jeff has 2200 dollars. I was gonna say, goddamn

Posted by theimmortalbum

Wait. WAIT. The 3DS stylus telescopes? HOLY SHIT. I thought that thing was so small for my hands!!

Posted by chilibean_3

@supercubedude said:

Me and this briefcase full of gold bullion are looking for some arcade machines.

Right this way, sir.

/leads you down dark alley

Posted by OneManX

Jeff got racks on racks... Dat Old Ass Arcade Machine money

Posted by kalmis

175 of the pound sterling money. If I hadn't just gotten a N7.

Posted by bkbroiler

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

Why the hell is Jeff rolling around with 2 grand in his wallet?

I'm guessing so he can make bad decisions at California Extreme?

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@theimmortalbum said:

Gah I wish I could just bust out $2000 whenever I wanted. Wonder what he makes?

I doubt what he makes matters as much as the fact that he's a single mid thirties man. Disposable income, yo.

Posted by theimmortalbum

@Sankis said:

@theimmortalbum said:

Gah I wish I could just bust out $2000 whenever I wanted. Wonder what he makes?

I doubt what he makes matters as much as the fact that he's a single mid thirties man.

True that. I make pretty good money, but mortgage + car payment + wife and baby really does eat away at the paycheck.

Posted by geirr

Looks nice, I'll still wait and dream of a TV out option though.

Posted by Strife777

Daaamn! Look at all that dough son! Jeff's got that paper.

Posted by DeF

@Aegon said:

No girls this time around?

They're in hibernation. They only get let out for full-on system launches. Rumor has it that they're trained at the same secret volcano base that births the infamous Nintendo Ninjas.

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Man this thing is really tempting. Unfortunately if I want to get one of these, I will have to get another 32GB SD card because that is what is in my current 3DS right now. Not to sure if I am over 4GB (which comes with the 3DS XL), but I want to have all that space for other game downloads and such.

EDIT: Just checked my SD and I'm about at 4 GBs, so the new SD card would be about full already.

Posted by admiralperpetual

all i want to know is, will it fit in my pocket?

Posted by Anwar

nice blurry mess on those close-ups. :P

Posted by Bollard

I think this is a better camera than usual, as in not a smartphone! No super loud Brad. If so, I am a happy man!

Posted by MrBubbles

i wish i had $2200

Posted by ildon

Brad use macro mode if you're going to zoom in like that. Jeff please don't get mugged.

Posted by rebgav


No time for spaces.

Posted by Cloneslayer


that being said I've seen bigger wads.

Posted by Moridin

Holy benjamins!

Posted by Lucidlife

Get a wife. Have some kids. Watch that $2200 disappear.

Posted by DougQuaid

How am I supposed to know if I want one of these if they're not tethered to attractive women?

Posted by Scarabus

I saw that wad of cash and immediately knew it was CAX money.

Posted by The_Nubster

So, being the direct superior of the other duders in the office, does Jeff get dibs on all games and consoles that come in the mail? Brad just assumed (not maliciously or jealously, though) that Jeff would have the XL for himself, which makes sense given the structure of a business.

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Well, I know who to mug this weekend now.

EDIT: A few seconds later and nvm.

Posted by XcL

That's some Million Dollar Man type $*it right there.

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That's just chump change. Jeffs baller.
Also not shipping with power adapter in some places? Are you serious?

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Yeah, that ending. It was like some Marble Hornets style stalker cam.

As for 3DS... maybe. The games I'm interested in for it, like Fire Emblem, aren't really about showcasing the 3D. I feel like this thing needs a modern third person adventure or action RPG to really show what it's capable of, but so far it only has the Ocarina remake. The Vita needs AAA attention even more, but this thing needs it too.

It's too bad about no second stick, because that's more or less required for camera control in the ideal game type for the system.

Posted by liako21

sooooooo excited about new super mario bros 2!!! though i will wait for a quick look and a few reviews. i never pre order.

Posted by Patman99

Somebody, freeze and enhance Ryan's ID card. Let's commit some identity theft.

Posted by smokyexe

Brad.. What is macro? My eyes hurt so much.

Posted by Downside

Kinda sounds like Brad doesn't want the 3DS XL to win over his pocket book. Face it Brad, you are gonna be short $200 soon or later, the XL looks really nice. Just wish we got the all white version.

Posted by zombie2011

Holy fuck, i'm guessing that money is for CAX?