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What is video game.

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Thanks Jeff

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I wanna ride a horse!

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Thanks, Twitter

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I'm liking the look of this so far. Treyarch going for something different, at least.

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Yeah, it's another CoD, nothing wrong with that.

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Horse armor DLC. Callin it.

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I was put off at first by the non-Cold War setting, but I'm back on board. This looks sick!

Also, I hope this means that cyber-punk is going to become the next over-used setting. Not in the sense that I want it to be used to the point where people are sick of it, but I want to see more of it!

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Why the fuck and I kinda excited for this even though I haven't touched a CoD since MW2?

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Anyone else think thats a terribly done old man face?

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i feel like i'm watching a MGS/COD mash-up with ocelot.

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Finally! I've been waiting for the Homefront sequel since I finished the first one!

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YESSSSSSS so pumped for this , a scifi FPS is just what i wanted, looks awesome

Call of Duty : 2142

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So horses?

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Still prefer the DonJoghurt one

Edit: Also, Horseback-riding? Alright sure...

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lol x ray machine from total recall

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woods was cool but his old man voice is annoying as hell.

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There is no way that the multiplayer in this game is not annoying as fuck.

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it looks old

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No dubstep in this trailer. Not interested.

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I like that they are taking the franchise in a new direction, setting wise. But hopefully this will not just be a superficial change.

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Horses confirmed.

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@FoxMulder said:

Why the fuck and I kinda excited for this even though I haven't touched a CoD since MW2?

Same here. I blame the sci-fi.

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Well, at least they are going all the way with the "near future" thing they have going on.

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I passed on Black Ops and MW3 but I'm strangely compelled to get back into CoD with this release.

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Oh jesus.

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So, Ocelot seized control of SoP after all?

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That part with the helicopter near the start kinda looks like syndicate

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Oh goddamn. The Mass Effect music. The future-pistols. Fuck. I am interested. Goddamn it, Activision. Goddamn you. Goddamn it.

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I haven't bought a CoD since MW2, but this might change my mind. Sci-fi ftw!

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Dude, WHAT.

That's friggin' crazy. I love it. Oh, and horses.

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Wait. This is real?

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This is really corny.

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Drones meet horse

Horse meet drones

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@stewmull said:

it looks old

Yep, some of this stuff looked pretty bad.

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I don't know if they went far enough into the future to make me interested.

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Walking tanks.

Metal Gear?

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@Dustpan said:

Horses confirmed.

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The fuck did I watch? MW3 was a bitter dissapointment but now I'm a bit excited again....oh Activision...

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I am not surprised in the slightest that they are using the same engine, but part of me hoped they would use something different. Anyway black ops was a really fun game so lets hope this one is to, colour me a little skeptical though!

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Did anyone else feel the start of that music was ripped right out of the Deus Ex trailer? ... Hell, the opening dialogue feels ripped out of Deus Ex.