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Time to get me some black ops.

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I'm probably gonna get this.

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I love video reviews!  ....but do I want more Call of Duty?

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Meh, Black Ops isn't for me.

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I thought the Quick Look would be up first, but this will tide me over until that Epic long Black Ops QL is up.

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wait a minute...the zombies are STILL Nazi's?  Why not commie zombies to fit the setting?
heh heh....commie zombies.....

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I need a new shooter... this looks like it will tide me over untill BF3... maybe,,,

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Looking good, but I'm saving my dough for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

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I'll rent it for the campaign, the stories in Treyarch's game are typically pretty good.

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I agree with Dr. tracksuit on Black Ops.

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Although I'm done with this franchise, I'll rent it just to experience the campaign. I'll be satisfied with that.

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Man, that accent is TERRIBLE! Sam Worthington is the worst.

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This video review is only meh.  I liked the older video reviews where they took the time to splice clips for humorous moments.  "Shepherd." "Shepherd." "Shepherd."
This is pretty much just a short Gamestop style video review.

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Great video review Jeff. This is exactly what I love about GB - no bias and no ass licking, so to speak.

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I agree with your opinion at the end. COD8 Needs a massive redesign.

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Mmmmm...should rent this some time.

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Weapons Cycle

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So I'm guessing that lady with the cigarette is the real Alex Mason? Or is she the final boss. This review creates more questions than it answers!

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Does the multiplayer have stuff like that super fast running perk + long range shotguns and/or invincibility on knife animation lunges?  Will there be people just running around doing that nonstop?  That was my least favorite thing in MW2 and if that is what Black Ops multiplayer is like or will end up being, I just don't want anything to do with this game.
But thing's like gun game and one in the chamber seems really awesome.  Also, the wagering.

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Thought there was going to be a luchadeer sighting at the end.

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Rent for single player. COD will be run into the ground just like guitar hero. I'm saying within the next 3 years people will be tired of the same thing year after year.

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Great review.
But no IW can't help but be second-tier

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Pretty burnt out after 100+ hours in MW2, I will probably get this sometime next year.

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really disappointed at the lack of the spec ops mode.  that was far and away the best part of modern warfare 2.  i will instead be spending my money on portal 2, where co-op is going to be front and center.

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wait a minute the GT review said you play as soo many different character its hard to keep up but you say you play as mainly one guy?!

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What the hell is going on at 4:13?!

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Imma play through the campaign tomorrow. Loving this game so far.

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Damn Jeff goes OFF at 2:10. Nice five (maybe six if that clip later in the review is from the same gameplay) kill spree. Gun game looks like fun and I'm happy they took away quick scoping. A kill-cam that showed me getting quick scoped always felt a lot more embarrassing than a normal death. 
@Landon: At 4:13 it's a hidden dual joystick shooter called Dead Ops Arcade. 

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Ugh, Sam Worthington.

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@Landon said:
" What the hell is going on at 4:13?! "
It's a hidden game inside Black Ops. You access it from the main menu, by getting out of your chair and going over to a separate computer on the other side of the room.
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@TwoOneFive: I beat the campaign this morning after powering through it over night, and I think you play as four characters overall. One of which is only one mission, and the other is only in a section of a mission. Most of the time, you're Mason.
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Don't understand people who buy games just to jump right into multiplayer. What a bunch of boners!

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I'm loving the multiplayer so far, it's just the little tweaks that have me stoked, like that little diving thing it does when you're running full speed and duck into prone.

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COD points?  Sounds like "Codpiece."

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Whoa, it's been awhile since we'e had one of these. Yay.

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A video review?

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@CashBailey said:
" Great review.  But no IW can't help but be second-tier "
Because MW2 was so much improved over CoD4, oh wait, it was a step backwards.
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Boy, that is pretty bad on the voice acting 
He's from Alaska?
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@DukeTogo:  You must have neglected the multiplayer then.
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I'm more interested in where you got that jacket.  
Certain events involving Castro and the implementation of Ice Cube's voice made me quit after the first mission.

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@LiquidSwords said:
" Don't understand people who buy games just to jump right into multiplayer. What a bunch of boners! "
damned boners!  always popping up in my cod points when they're least expected!
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amazing game!  That is all I am going to say.  The Single player was soo much more than I expected it to be.

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i suddenly desire a cigarette 

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The last sentence is my sentiments exactly.

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Best video review of Black Ops on the internet IMO.
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Was there any CCR in Blops?