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Im off to Westminster!!!! cor blimey!

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Colour me interested.

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Operation "Abbey Road"

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They better leave Big Ben alone. That would be worse than No Russian by a long shot.

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Am3rica, 3ngland.

Let me guess, the next two will be Franc3 and G3rmany.

Sigh. Who seriously thought that was a cool idea.

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Oh fuck yeah, I cant wait to shoot dudes outside the houses of parliament.

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 Norway is once again occupied by the Russians, and are leading an attack from there to the UK.

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"Use Everything to Your Advantage"

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I smell a lawsuit, ban or protest if any English monuments are destroyed or descrated in this game - not that I give a rats, nuke Buckingham Palace for all I care! =D

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That one that talks about the barricades is such a bad accent... sounds like an aussie...

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@Shtinky: Not sure why you'd think that, the UK doesn't exactly have a past for banning games/shows because it simulated monuments being destoryed. So i assume your smellign senses are abit off. The most i could see would be some protest, which come with every Call of Duty release.
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@Stupot: I don't think a drastic ban would happen, but some form of controversy could ensue if a monument were virtually desecrated in some way, remember the Resistance / Manchester Cathedral controversy for example:
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Am3rica, 3ngland.Let me guess, the next two will be Franc3 and G3rmany.Sigh. Who seriously thought that was a cool idea.

Wow, that's quite prescient of you :D
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Interesting that the Call of Duty logo has just as much presence at the end as the MW3. Are they really worried that all those people who bought Black Ops won't realise this is part of the same franchise?

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God if there was one thing I needed after the Am3rica trailer was the same thing three more times. Brilliant. Man I really hope this game doesn't suck.

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I saw that there is 3 new teasers on the site. Before I watched this I thought : "There is no way they spell all the country names with a 3".


*slow clap*

Well played Activision Marketing Team.

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what the fuck

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@Godot said:

@Zimbo said:

Am3rica, 3ngland.Let me guess, the next two will be Franc3 and G3rmany.Sigh. Who seriously thought that was a cool idea.

Wow, that's quite prescient of you :D
pr3sci3nt dude!

420!!  P3AC3! Call of Duty! Activision!! Woo, Marketing!
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I've enjoyed each Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 2, though each less than the last and for a shorter period of time. I'm positively pessimistic about the first one sans much of Infinity Ward, with two (?) other developers and some pretty stupid marketing people involved. 

I almost hope this one fails; it won't, but Activision is going to continue pumping out more Call-of-Duty-4-esque shooters until it's as dead as Tony Hawk Proskater and Guitar Hero. 

I loved CoD4 but I hardly expect Activision to pioneer a new era of online FPS when they've practically stolen some blue-prints from men who originated the idea and deigned to abandon their old franchise, (Call of Duty) and built something new; theirs (Modern Warfare) but ironically Acti are now, for lack of a better word, whoring that too, Modern Warfar3, I am disappoint.

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Well after watching all of them, they are all pretty silly & not that much even for a teaser. Plus no Scotland3, guess that's where the E would go on any country ending with land & having no E in it.

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I do love english accents in games.

Ello! I'm from ingerland I am! Where's me shepherds pie? Oi! Jerry! Get your mits off me shepherds pie, or I'll bloke you one on the ragger!
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Fish and chips!

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Boring trailer.

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say waaaaaaaa

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@mattman734:  you forgot the R mate
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I'm starting to get the feeling this is going to become an Op Flashpoint type deal, with fairly open cities for you to muck around with and kill Russians in. Just the whole big city blueprint that shows up in all of the trailers.

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Will the Doctor be there?

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Will the Doctor be there?
In a fez.  Fez's are cool
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@24Carrot: I would be entirely supportive of this. In fact I'd probably anticipate the game much, much more.
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who immediately thinks of the Doctor the instant anything untoward happens to or in Britain. Where is he when you need 'im?

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I would love to move to Threengland, it seems like such a nice place.

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Always the same in every way! Boring:-)
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I hope Soap will be in this game, he was the best bit about the last MW

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I think you mean Captain Price was the best thing about MW2