Posted by tactis

gamefly sent this game yesterday should have it tomorrow I am looking forward to it hopefully its a good rental at the very least

Posted by TheFreeMan

I didn't really like the first one, but I think I'll give this one a rent. I love me some westerns and this just looks to be some fun.

Posted by gidoff

The game looks pretty good :P

Posted by hamlaser

I hope there is an ending this time

Posted by theMcNasty

Yes, this is a game.  I'm sure of it.

Posted by Fritzerbacon

Sounds like a good story line

Posted by Th3_James

might play this....haven't decided yet

Posted by natetodamax

Wait......am I actually starting to want this now?

Posted by Tiwi

would have been a god film, don't know if it translates well though...

Posted by Nasar7

Gatling guns did exist back then, fyi.

Posted by MaddProdigy

Good trailer

Posted by Mawryk

Doesn't look as bad as the last western game trailer I saw...  pondering

Posted by JoelTGM

at 86% on the steam download right now :)    can't wait

Posted by IceTrey87

They had gatling guns in the old west lol.  The technology was invented like in the 1800's.

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Posted by welshy023

The game's story and acting is nowhere near up to par with RRR.

Posted by datarez

I don't know anything about the series but that was definitely a good trailer.  Only thing is it doesn't tell me much about the gameplay.

Posted by Alwaysrun

Yeah sure they had gatling guns back then but carrying around a 400 pound 7 foot long rotating hip shooter *cough. WTF it's game fiction so I'll go with it just for the sheer balls to the walls fun factor. Hope it's not as hard as Brad made it look in his QL.

Posted by imayellowfellow

god the voice acting on that pseudo mexican girl was terrible

but other than that looks pretty sick

Posted by Parsnip
@Nasar7 said:
" Gatling guns did exist back then, fyi. "
Posted by teh_destroyer

I want it for the gatling guns and the so far deep looking story.

Posted by Griddler

Age gate :D
I'd rather wait for Red Dead

Posted by MeatSim

I will pay 40$ or less no more for this game.

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The gatling guns back then were more like artillery than anything, and not top of the line effective.

Posted by darkspirit138

Hulk Hogan should star in this game, brother.

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Looks neat!!

But, so did the Conduit...