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Posted by Andorski

Looks like your standard, no frills action game with a possibly interesting story and lore. If they can deliver on the plot I can ignore the mediocrity of it's gameplay.

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Why is this not the theme song for the game?

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I'd forgotten what this was

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"Neo-paris", fine, I get it. But can't we be a little more creative?

Neo-Tokyo was taken.

Posted by McQuinn

@iainzor: Me too! Thank you very much. XD

Posted by MEATBALL

How does she kick in those tight pants? They are the most dystopian thing about this future.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

I'm interested in this game, though the story doesn't look too amazing. Every time I think of this game this song comes into my head, though.

lol, same here.

Posted by HappyCheeze

looks dope.

Posted by craves
@meatball said:

How does she kick in those tight pants? They are the most dystopian thing about this future.

That screengrab makes me feel like a creep. God DAMN those are some tight pants.

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Twist... she took her own memory!

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Do you remember me Snake?

Posted by Wonloong
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Looks awesome, love me some new IP.

Posted by Shaka999

Twist... she took her own memory!

I'm going to laugh when you're right.

Posted by leebmx

June 4th? Jumping in the recently vacant GTA V window.

Seems like the kind of time a game might get buried what with it being right around E3. Theres going to be so noise about new consoles. I suppose its before hand so it might cut through.

Looks promising, but the action scenes they showed seemed kind of half finished. I love the look of anything dirty and futuristic.

Posted by Legion_

Alex you poopface. That movie is pretty good.

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The fact that nobody mentions this song makes me feel old

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@parsnip said:

I hope they nail this one. I hope it so bad.

^ what this dude said. But it does look sahweeet and I'm going to play it anyways :)

Posted by Spongetwan

This looks really good!!

Posted by Epidehl

@iainzor said:

All I can think of when I see the title of this game:

I'm really glad me and my brother are the only ones who always think of this, not just with this game, but with that movie too.

This game actually looks really cool, and will probably go along with Tomb Raider as games that I'm kind of interested in, but will wait for reviews/quick looks before getting.

Posted by cloudnineboya

think i might be more looking forward to this than watch dogs! a bit of mass affect mixed with sleepy dogs mixed with mirrors edge mixed with infamous, sounds good to me.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I hope this game turns out good.

Posted by Reisz

That is a distractingly nice behind.

Posted by Saltank

I'm digging some odd Mirror's Edge vibe.

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Posh spice is pissed!

Posted by TorMasturba

A new approach to story telling... Amnesia?

Sure somebody enforced it on her but come on, this trope is dead and dusty at this point. Do something else please games.

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Cautiously optimistic for this. I like seeing a game where the main character is a strong woman. Especially lately with the weirdness around the new Lara Croft game.

Posted by TranceQuina

I forgot about this.

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