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While I am excited for the update I hate this trailer, why are the zooming in every time one of the new characters lands an attack, what is this: some guys Call of Duty no scope montage? It is so dumb and pointless.

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Hugo and Rolento, don't even care what the 5th is.

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wait didn't they say super street fighter IV: arcade edition was the last update to the series?

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I don't... I'm not buying this game again. Plenty of people will and I'm happy for em, but I've already bought this game three times. No thank you!

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it's the Capcom way. Next Street FIghter will be Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Turbo Championship Ship Edition

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@toug said:

I have to assume the 5th is an all new character, right?

Or it's Mike Haggar.

Now that I think about it that's a pretty good guess, Ono said that it would be someone not in a previous version of SF and Haggar fits the bill and also fits in pretty well considering pretty much everyone else that's memorable from Final Fight already landed on the SF roster at one point or another.

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I can't help but interpret, "Re-balanced based on fan feedback," as, "If you aren't taking this game seriously as a career choice, why are you playing it? The computer will destroy you."

In other words: "Pass"

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Pretty excited for Rolento

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ANOTHER ONE. seriously capcom

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It was stated during the reveal at EVO that Elena,Hugo,Poison,And Rolento will not play like their SFxT counterparts so......

Also, I want Morrigan to be the fifth character as well.

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Until us lower ceiling type players get a proper tutorial so we can learn how to do higher level combos properly, I am out.

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5th character confirmed Ono

Can't wait so much HYPE after that Infiltration v. PR Roggers match.

Probably some Cammy nerf incoming and hopefully buffs for El Fuerte because god is that character fun to watch.

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I hope the fifth character is still a brand new design and not from a random Capcom series unless it makes a lot of sense. So no Dante or something like that.

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5th character is Scorpion, I'll bet any of you any amount of money.

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@lunchtime said:

ANOTHER ONE. seriously capcom

This accurately sums up my feelings.

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Calling it now: Justin Wong is the 5th unannounced character!

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Seems like a bit of a stretch to call itself "The world's greatest Fighting Game" when Divekick, the one true fighting game, exists. I mean Street Fighter isn't even esports!

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5th character might be a Darkstalker, but I'm hoping for Senator Mike Haggar.

That's right, he's been elected senator now. He starts matches by signing bills like "Suplex All Terrorists Act of 2014."

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I'm just waiting for Street Fighter 4: All the Hype Edition.

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Guys, new numeral system:

2, 2 Turbo, Super 2, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, 4, 4 Arcade, Ultra 4 ... ???

You can divide by Tekken, but not by Mortal Kombat.

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@gordo789 said:

I have not been crazy about Street Fighter IV in any of its incarnations. Hopefully they'll quit the series after this one.

That is the dumbest reaction I've seen to anything, "I don't like this so I hope they stop making them."

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I'm calling it now.

The fifth character is the plane from 1943.

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Man, I don't care about Street Fighter at all, but, jeez, another iteration on IV? Aren't they overdoing it a tad?

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wait didn't they say super street fighter IV: arcade edition was the last update to the series?

Technically it is, this is just DLC for SSFIV or you can get the disk if you don't have one already and get all the content so far.

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No it should not be Mike Haggar. We do not need another grappler.

I will stand by my guess of it being Goku. GOKU!

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So I guess this trailer is what the MegaMan music team has been working on.

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Man, I'm seriously disappointed in Capcom. I mean, don't get me wrong- Capcom has consistently disappointed me in the past 2-3 years, but ever since Ultimate MvC3 came out in the same year as the original, I've been completely turned off by anything they've been putting out. It's just a gross business practice.

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@divergence: Championship Ship Edition? Maritime Mauling? Nautical Knockouts? Really sounds like an idea that holds water!

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Wow, good morning. I believe I'm now HYPED, thanks Capcom.

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Make the final character Scorpian and let Netherrelm put Ryu into Injustice, and then make the Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter & Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat games.

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Next up is Ultra Street Fighter IV: Mega Ultra Chicken Edition.

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The street fighter team is so full of shit.

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I'm a huge defender of SSFIV. It's the first fighting game I properly learnt how to play, but they are positively getting lazy. Oni and Evil Ryu were pretty boring versions of existing characters, and four of these "new" guys were in SFxT. Sure, I'd rather play them in SFIV, but it's still too little. You'd think with how the industry typically is, we could have gotten a sequel by now.

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Q: How many times can you release the same game and still have people buy it?

A: A lot

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That just looks lazy...

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15$ for 6 new stages and 5 new characters how is that a bad thing? Yeah there from SFxT so what? They'll have different move sets and specials/ultras. Lots of fans have been asking for these characters in the main SF so Capcom made the push to put them in the game. SFV was always going to be next gen, its not like Capcom is forcing you to buy this DLC. People state they just ported them as if the team didn't have to do any work to put them in SFIV. This will probably be the last update in terms of characters and modes for SFIV, at least Ono continues to support it unlike what happened with UMvC3. I'll take an update DLC every year and half over the game getting nothing despite the fans wanting more.

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Make the final character Scorpian and let Netherrelm put Ryu into Injustice, and then make the Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter & Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat games.

God yes.

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I'm massively into fighting games, and so would buy this almost regardless of price, HOWEVER

This does seem very lazy, as porting the SFxT models and changing the characters to fit into SFIV isn't really that hard, and the stages are just ripped straight from SFxT. For $15 you can buy games that have had years of hard work put into them or get fighters from a 1 year old game ported into a 4 year old one... The balance changes are also minimal work.

For $15 I would love a 'new' version, you know, with new mechanics/systems a new twist! Make it seem like they actually tried. I absolutely love that SFIV is getting new stuff, and was unbelievably hype just for the balance patch taken from fan feedback, I just wish they wouldn't try to mug me off.

SFIV: Salvage edition.

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we finally get rolento, hugo and poison. now all we need is birdie and sodom and the whole mad gear gang is here. i would rather it was on next gen not current gen, but if they were going to do that they should call it SFV not IV.

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There are people who fighting game players and people who play fighting games.

Reading through these comments, it's pretty easy to tell which is which.

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Why, I remember waaaay back in 2010 when I bought the second edition of this game and stopped playing it after my first five matches.

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Judging by the comments, balancing an old fighting game with new characters is a god damn piece of cake. You just port them into the game and make it fit, amirite?

It's like we're having the "How the fuck does it cost $150k to add a new character to Skull Girls" discussion again.

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I wanted to get back into SF and was thinking of getting Arcade Edition on Steam. Are there still a good base of players on consoles or PC. Never played on PC before.

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@mcquinn said:

The street fighter team is so full of shit.

Yeah. Pretty much the only way I'd buy this is if they added all the Darkstalkers, since we can't have nice things like a new Darkstalkers game and instead get more reheated leftovers like this and crossover games no one ever asked for or wanted ever in the history of the world (Street Fighter X Tekken). You gotta love how that latter one was such a bomb that the Tekken vs. SF game was apparently killed.

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Man Street Fighter IV is still one of the best looking games out there. I still suck but it's nice to look at.

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I don't know how I feel about this.....

Hopefully they put more effort into this next iteration than they did the announcement/trailer....

My biggest beef with the SFIV series has always been the soundtrack. Where is Okugawa-san? I would pay him $60 to compose new music for each stage.