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Posted by Woodwater


Posted by 71Ranchero

New feature get? I miss the old quick looks for all the Xbox arcade packs.

Posted by Efesell

Nothing stops the game room quick looks

Posted by John1912


Posted by TheSouthernDandy

I remember playing the Turbografx version of Sidearms, that game was rad.

Posted by grendelpierat

Return of game room

Posted by leejunfan83

Fuck virtual cabinets I want a real cabinet

Posted by Rirse

And a new addiction for Jeff.

Posted by Abendlaender

So, it's a room for games?

Posted by captainanderson

Where is Strider?

Posted by MeatSim

No Game Room no sale.

Posted by Arcadem

More dumb shit for Jeff Gerstmann to spend money on possibly while being recorded makes me very happy.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

really lackluster

Posted by Pudge


Posted by Ouren

Sonson should have been in MVC3.

Posted by SexVicar


Posted by skrutop

Damn, if only game room was integrated. I'd like to have a game room like experience for all xbla games.

Posted by SomeJerk

iirc Black Tiger will be free on the Japanese PSN. Hella fine game.

Posted by Cincaid

@Pudge said:


lol, nicely done

Posted by wrecks

Online Leaderboards to Show Off My Skills!! SOLD!

Posted by StriderNo9

@captainanderson: Right here........ No seriously, where is Strider?

Posted by rebgav

Look Capcom, here's the deal; I will buy all of this on the PS3 on the condition that you also let me buy it for the PC later with full soundtracks in MP3 or FLAC format. Agreed?

Posted by rev_vadaul

They tried to stop the Game Room Quick Looks. They are very sorry now.

Posted by Vuud

Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Game Room Quick Look?

Posted by DrJota

@Pudge said:


Posted by Animasta

@Efesell said:

Nothing stops the game room quick looks


Video Capture PS3 only, Screenshots Xbox 360 only. Um what Capcom - why split functionality that way?

Posted by fisk0

I already own the Capcom Classics Collections released for PS2, and I think they include pretty much everything they showed off here.

If they were released on PC with soundtracks as suggested, I'd probably at least buy Exed Exes again, especially if it includes that amazing PS2 remix.

Posted by csl316

Is this like a room for games?

Posted by EarthBowl

Although there are other avenues where I can play it, I'm interested in playing Ghost's N' Goblins on my Xbox 360. The thought of that is kinda weird, but at the same time, pretty cool.

Posted by Benny

The only thing I'm interested to see is the quick looks of all these games.

Posted by melodiousj

Wow, I heard it was kind of like a Capcom Game Room, but that's not true at all. It's Exactly like a Capcom Game Room.

Posted by TwoLines

Aww yis, more Jeff and Ryan classic games Quick Looks, I freaking LOVE those.

Posted by yevinorion

I first read this title as "ruins" a bunch of old stuff. Glad that was my mistake!

Edited by Pop
Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Those are some HEALTHY borders.

Posted by SupberUber

Haven't seen Gunsmoke digitally available before.

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

I'm all for a game called "Savage Bees" regardless of how it actually plays.

Posted by BPRJCTX

I bet they'll find a way to lock content way for you to pay to unlock, even in these old classic games.

Fuck you Capcom.

Posted by ZHabermann

Why do I get the feeling the All in One pack will be way cheaper then buying them as they release?

Posted by WMoyer83

Where the fuck is Strider?

Posted by Daneian

Tell me i blinked and missed the arcade version of Bionic Commando.

Posted by Solh0und

Kinda wish that Capcom would release the arcade D&D games digitally.

Posted by killawogg

@captainanderson: no kidding where is styder?? my copy is still sitting in my genesis as we speak

Posted by august

Played a bunch of Black Tiger on the psp.


Posted by Dan_CiTi

Capcom Game Room LET'S GO!!

Posted by TooSweet

Black Tiger! I'm in. I loved that game in the arcades. I can see myself getting a bunch of these titles.

Posted by Atom

Game Room at least looked like it had a heart...

Edited by wariomona

I have all these games already for PS2 but some of them are awesome enough to get again.

Also, return of the "Game Room" quick look, please!

Edit: Here's the prices: http://www.capcom-unity.com/xantista/blog/2013/02/07/capcom-arcade-cabinet-full-games-list-release-dates-and-pricing

Single Game: $4; Pack-of-three: $10; All 17: $30

Posted by Generiko

old games look terrible.

I'm sure Adam Boyes is happy now

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