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Posted by The_Nubster

This is a pretty interesting take on the fly-into-hills genre, but I'm not sure if the art style makes it particularly clear what's a threat and what's just cutesy character design.

Posted by cikame

I thought the title was Captain Bubblenut, which would have been better, too many recent games with naut shoved on the end.

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Max Temkin will be thrilled that there's finally a video game about swooping.

Posted by Little_Socrates

I like this aesthetically, but it doesn't look like a quality play experience to me.

Posted by MeatSim

He wouldn't get along with the TF2 community then.

Posted by pr0p

Why does iOS and iTunes seem to receive such a focus from developers? I mean, Android isn't devoid of great apps, but I still miss a ton of the stuff I played on my old iPod Touch. And it seems like anytime I see a truly beautiful app it's advertised on iTunes. A quick google search shows Android having a 79% market share. Is it that consumers on iPhones are bigger spenders of IAP or just the still perceived 'coolness' of the device.

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This game looks like Tiny Wings

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@pr0p: Because the amount of money that was being made on iOS compared to android, especially with android's marketshare is embarrassing. It's getting better, but I still don't blame people going iOS first. Also certain devs have had bad experiences with f2p or microtransactions on android and yet with the same game way less issues on iOS.

Posted by DonPixel

Apple/iOS hate is so childish... lets hate successful and popular companies ... because reasons...

Posted by dimwitdonuts

@pr0p: Even though more apps are now downloaded on Google Play, most of these are free apps. People still spend over twice as much money on the App Store vs. Google Play. I'm sure some of this is due to the fact that it's a lot easier to pirate apps on Android devices, but I think people are just a lot more aware of what apps are out there on iOS vs. Android. I can name 20 apps I want to buy right now for my iPhone, but I'd have trouble naming five I would spend money on for my Nexus 7.