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What the heck...

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This is being made by the Arma devs, this should be interesting.

Posted by Robs_Knob

Yes. Also bad voice acting. Kinda sounds like the guy from the army recruiting ads. :/

Posted by DandyShlongLegs

@Robs_Knob: Yes. I assumed this was some sort of dev diary and that was a developer doing a voice over. REALLY bad voice acting.

Posted by clumsyninja1

Aussie aussie aussie...oi oi oi

Posted by LobsterCrunk

@Robs_Knob said:

Yes. Also bad voice acting. Kinda sounds like the guy from the army recruiting ads. :/

I thought it sounded like Bear Grylls

Posted by Stromko

I'm surprised how arcadey and simple CC Gaea Mission appears to be, considering who the developers are. Part of the problem may be they keep showing the infantry bits where you're running around by yourself, which they know nobody will actually care about. They just have to convince the suits. "It's like Halo, okay, the kids will buy it, see we got a soldierman in future-armor and everything. And he talks all the time with an accent so totally better than the Halo-guy."

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That guy's facial animation was incredible.

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This looks hella fun and I trust Bohemia

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cool game for 2002

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Damn, that's a sexy accent.

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In the future... Australia returns to claim Earth and rebuild the Great Barrier Reef.

Foiled by robots.

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2, move to space, 12 o'clock.

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Sounded more like Space British to me (from London not the shires). I shall still pick this up on Steam.

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This looks terrible

Posted by Sarx

I am still missing a reason why I should not simply play the original carrier command on my ST

Posted by Rabbykayn

@poheroe: That's what I was thinking.. looks like a great PS2 game. lol

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They used the same "London Geezer" voice actor for the British Army DLC for ArmA2. Also, as far as I understand, this game won't have/ship with multiplayer, which is a huge shame.

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@radioactivez0r: That's still my favorite thing that Sam Waterston has ever done, especially because he kind of cracks up when he's saying that line.

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They really should get a new voice actor for that character.

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So it's a futuristic FPS with vehicles? ZZzzzzz....

What's this? RTS/Command gameplay? Suddenly I'm interested ;)

You know what this could remind me of, if the gameplay at 1:09 is to be believed? Those "Action-RTS'" that they tried to launch in the late 90's. Like Urban Assault, Battlezone and Uprising. Why have games - especially FPS - seemingly gotten so much less ambitious since the 90's? It's like all game developers nowadays are only making things they know they can execute well; they're just ripping game mechanics out of an industry-approved playbook and putting them together in different configurations. Action-RTS is a genre people need to attempt again.

Posted by Zelnox

I kinda want to play this game. Haha.