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It looks weird, and amazing. Those tie-wearing sheep things are all kinds of awesome, but i can't help to wonder what the gameplay will be like.

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Now this looks like a game that I can enjoy the fuck out of.

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Hello I don't speak subtitled english, thx.

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Oh, by the way ,
Nanako>Teddie=Kanji>Yosuke=Dojima>Chie>Rise=Naoto=Shu>Everyone else>Yukiko
Objective truth^

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I like how Atlus has balls and attempts controversial themes.

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Another step for Catherine infecting giant bomb.

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@mutha3: I really can't explain why on earth Jeff and Vinny enjoyed Persona 4. They seem to have pretty good taste overall. If they liked it in a "ironic" way like some enjoyed The Legend of Chun-Li I could understand it.
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" @mutha3:  If they liked it in a "ironic" way like some enjoyed The Legend of Chun-Li I could understand it. "

Sadly(for you I guess, though I don't see why you care) there's nothing ironic about it.
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that was mildly disturbing.

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Yo yoyo yoyo yoyo yo
Yo yo countin' the sheep
1 2 3
gettin' soaked in my sheets
Also, I think the 3D animation in the beginning is maybe the best I've seen anime-styled characters realized in 3D polygons.

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This definitely looks like a game the wife would disapprove of, if she found me playing it.  "What the in God's name are you playing, a soft core game?

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poor, strange, sexually repressed video game based on animation from other country #11,132. Go! 

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@oddjob:  The anime parts were made by STUDIO4°C who have similar styles but they do large projects like some games and anime movies. 
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 No, it's a well made game.  The legend of Chung-li is a poorly made movie that was never intended to be about chun-li in the first place.  
There's a difference, in this case, taste. 
( the rest came off as snobby, so I edited out. Sorry dude) 
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 Also, Bach!! 
 This one is going to be interesting. I can trust Atlus to not be to exploitive with the subject matter. 

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" poor, strange, sexually repressed video game based on animation from other country #11,132. Go!  "

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This makes no sense. That being said this is the kinda crazyiness i can get behind. A decent development team is working on it and it looks like its one great mind fuck so im on board on this one. 

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Chie? is that you?

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I love it. Too many "yo"s for my liking though.

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It already has the look, style, music, and premise. If this plays anything like Persona4, then I NEED this game in my life! NOW! ...and off course an endurance run would be VERY welcome!  
...to all the haters, I understand if it's not your cup of tea, but anyone who enjoyed P4 is probably pretty psyched about this game! And that probably includes Vinny and Jeff...

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" Chie? is that you? "

cant wait for this game.
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I'd watch this anime... if it was an anime! But since it's a game, I'd totally play this game!

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So I guess we can expect a Red Light Endurance Run when this hits NA shores?

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My interest is piqued.
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@metalsnakezero said:
" Another step for Catherine infecting giant bomb. "
Herpes. The gift that keeps on giving.  
The trailer looks typically stupefying (sidenote: more gameplay in trailers, dammit) and the Japanese didn't help. Mysterious deaths of lonely, young men around the world + mysterious girl + mysterious dream world = Mystery? 
I'll be keeping track of this at least: The team's track record should guarantee something interesting. And sheep and dreams make me think of Murakami and Japanese rap make me think of fighting games. Both good things and incredibly tenuous links in my psyche.
Also, sex and violence? I can always use more of the first, less so of the latter.
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@arawk: His voice actor is also the Japanese VA for Spike.
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I can't figure out if I'm interested or not, really. I mean, maybe it'll be a good game to play between Personas.. Dunno otherwise.

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the right amount of Japanese weirdness that i'm into.

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@mutha3: Thanks for the link! Now I might be able to put this one to rest. :)
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I never get tired of  絶対に許さない

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I'm gonna throw in my guess that she's some sort of succubus and you murder people in your sleep for her.

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Endurance run!!!

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@pileofnuts said:
" @mutha3: Thanks for the link! Now I might be able to put this one to rest. :) "
erm....I'm not really sure what I did.....but I'm glad I was able to help!
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What? well... whatever it was it looks right up ATLUS's alley.

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@LtColJaxson said:
" Nice, very crisp and clean visual style... too odd for me though. "
Embrace the oddness!
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I think I'm supposed to not understand.

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I hope that trailer music is an indication of the style within the game. Has a very Persona 3-esque quality to it, and I loved the music in Persona 3. 
Also pretty sure I saw a shadow. Makes me wonder just how "Persona" this game is going to be, if at all.

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Wonder if it will be AO!!!!!

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Impenetrable. Excuse the pun.

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sooo to all who have played persona 3 portable  who else thought that the guy in the club at near the end of the game would be in his own game lol.

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Atlus continues to be the last bastion for constant craziness

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Oh man!  Fox news is gonna have a field day with this!

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I can't wait for this game

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Sexy sexy sex: The Game

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What did I just watch.  
And yet I'm interested. 

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Endurance run. Now.

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What. The. Fuck. 
I want to see more just to know what the hell is going on in this game.