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that's the strangest 2 and a half minutes I've had in a while.

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...why are there sheep people?  Is it a metaphor for everyone is asleep and the main character is waking up to that fact?  Maybe I'm looking too much into the sheep people.

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I'm glad to see you guys are covering this. I have absolutely no idea how it plays but my curiosity is piqued.

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@drew327:  He appears at about the 1:42 mark right above Vincents head. It's rather hard to see here, however, this is a screenshot that clearly shows him: 
Vincent With A friend
  Again, above Vincents head and slightly to the right. It's a small Teddie doll on the bar.
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@Zeik said:
" @jrlyon said:

" "adult orientated"? I guess that means no endurance run :( "

Why? Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition were also "adult oriented". Adult oriented doesn't mean porn, it means it's aimed at adults. "
On the other hand, both games never bragged about their "adult oriented" content.
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If only this game could be even more Japanese.
THEN I would be excited.

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Interested. Would've been interesting to see what the gameplay is like thought.
 I will keep my eyes open...

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What the fuck did I just watch? 
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@Rongaryen:  I think they represent something more like lambs to the slaughter.
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Well, they said that they won't ER this, or probably any other Atlus game, which I can understand. But I at least expect a nice LOONG Quicklook, a review by Jeff or Vinny, and hopefully also a Video Review. 

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@Karmann:  They actually have yet to review any game Atlus has released as far as I'm aware. I don't really expect this to be the exception.
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Hurm...Forget WILL they bring this game over here, are they going to be able to? Those were some sex scenes (though they might be cut so as not to show anything). So nightmare scenario: would you rather it be released here censored or not at all?

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@Undeadpool:  First off, there's been sex scenes in games before (Heavy Rain for one), second, the game is rated "Cero: C" which is the Japanese equivalent of T. Now, it will still probably come out here as M (as the Persona games have), but nothing in this game has not been seen in a western game before from a sexual point of view.
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I'm surprisingly excited for this now, also interested how the Persona team handles PS3/360 hardware.

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@Rongaryen:  Makes sense, but then it'd be too much like Persona 3 and that's not a good thing.
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That wasn't a sex scene, it was the beginning of one. Also remember: this is the country that thought the implication of having sex with women was fine (as were decapitations), but actually showing bare breasts was MADNESS! (talking about The Witcher)
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You see, this is why you have to watch out for the cultists of Slaanesh. Instead, find the nearest Khorne or Nurgle recruitment center, they're better!    

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I'm somewhat of a japanophile, and even I'm like: LOLWUT?

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@heatDrive88 said:
"What the fuck did I just watch?  "
Stole the words right from my mouth.
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Im all over it. Hope they bring out a western release pretty quickly after the Japanese release X

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So glad I live in Japan and will be able to buy this on launch day.  There hasn't been many big japanese titles I've really been excited about for PS3 lately.

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Sheep man, check.  I'll need to pick up a copy of that shit.
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this looks fucking insane.

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anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe? 

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@Jackel2072 said:
" anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe?  "
you mean like a Persona meets Deadly Premonition vibe...?
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@King_wiL said:
" @Jackel2072 said:
" anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe?  "
you mean like a Persona meets Deadly Premonition vibe...? "
You mean like a ER Season 1 meets ER Season 2 vibe...?
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Too weird for me, pass.

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@Mezmero: oh fuck, why am i only now seeing the resemblance. this game has been foretold for ten years.
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i think he said something about double teaming some chicks at the beginning of the trailer

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I am super excited for this game! I love Persona, so hopefully this will be just as awesome!

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I have no clue what's going on, but for some reason I am into this game.

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Federico Fellini would love this!

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See that I'm notified on the American release. If it's $20, I will buy it.

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I'll happily import such pure distilled Atlus insanity if there's an English translation released somewhere.

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Looks very interesting, but I fear the subject matter will end up keeping it outside the US. Art style as always is great. Any word on how playable the import version is? English subs on there at all?