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CD-I don't think they are very good either

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This is probably the first time in years that there has been so much content in a few days that I don't have time to watch all of it so I'm downloading to watch spread out over the weekend haha

Thank you Giant Bomb. If the detractors don't have enough content now, then nothing is enough =P

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I still love youtube poops even here in 2014, don't care whatchu think.

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So beautiful

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Oh man, I forgot you had a CD-i now...this should be interesting.

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this is the best of surprises. thanks gb!

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It was my CD-i that I found on the sidewalk in Berkeley. Happy to be of service.

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inca people my new summer jam

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I wish they could've played Zelda's Adventure.

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I have a store demo disc of Wand of Gamelon that I found at a thrift store

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@jeff Lost my shit at 19:00, that flute is JAMMIN.

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Just gonna leave this here...

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Is this what they did for UPF?

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Why are you going there man? This will not end well.

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Appetite for Destruction t-shirt is awesome Dan !

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This is one of my favorite streams of all time.

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Was this the live show today?

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Bob Goen is alive and well hosting a morning radio show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Philips: A name you can trust in gaming.

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I'm surprised this is the first time I've seen the CDI Zelda games in action.. I don't think any gaming product is more strange than that one.

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...I got the Harper Valley PTA one in Name That Tune.

Am I now legally old?

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@wuerflein: I did as well. I'm surprised they didn't get it.

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Name that Tune game for old people.

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This was fantastic and I welcome more stuff like it. Another 3DO play session or someone get an Atari Jaguar in there. That controller is some hot steaming shit.

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Dan: "That's pretty sharp."

Drew: "No it's Philips."


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Giant Meme.

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The moment Jeff realizes that Name That Tune uses the honor system is the most beautiful moment of the day.

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You know, when I think "great consoles", I think C.D. Mothafuckin' -I!

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Drew just drew a picture of a dick in the dust!

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Drew definitely drew a penis in the dust at the beginning there.

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I feel like we need to start getting Jason on camera just a little bit

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@fram said:

Dan: "That's pretty sharp."

Drew: "No it's Philips."


Drew has one hell of a quick wit. Just rapid fire sometimes.

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@fram: God damn, I totally missed that. Drew is the best

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@altngr said:

CD-I don't think they are very good either

CD-I'm so HUNGRY, I could eat an OCTOROCK!

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Giantbomb was so much better in the 90s, who's with me?

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Always wondered about this stuff. Read terrible things in magazines, but at the still images were amazing!... (at the time at least)

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Just realized that throwing the rock in Dark Castle looks like the dude is throwing up a sieg heil, which is appropriate since that game was made by monsters.

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I knew about the CD-i Zelda games, but have never actually seen them in action. They are amazing.

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lmao 1h30min drew cannot stay awake.

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That Alien whatever game looks like something you could make in game maker 3 in like an hour.

edit: My head hurts from these games. Holy shit man, it feels like they're sucking the life out of me, but I can't look away because there's always something shittier!!

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According to Wikipedia, it took 6 years for this to be discontinued. It continued to sell units from 1992-1998, along with a custom hardware modem that was sold at $150 starting in 1996. I gotta say, they just don't make 'em like they used to.

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Frog Fractions 2

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That flute solo changed my life.

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Finally, Laughing Elf Man gets the recognition he deserves!

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Actually, if you saw the Nerd videos, you'd know that the 2nd controller input is on the back of the system.

How anyone thought this was a good idea is fucking beyond me.