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Posted by Niccoles

Might be good.

Posted by KillaMaStA

i dont play MMOs but it looks alright

Posted by wrecks

Looks craptastic!

Posted by MeatSim

Never was a big PVP fan even when I did play MMOs.

Posted by DannyJ

Eh, this trailer isnt too hot, but the game itself sounds great. It's basically City of Heroes but refined even more. You customize everything about your character including your super villain.

Posted by Six

looks a little boring

Posted by Crash_Happy
@DannyJ:  Yeah, I can't see any huge advance over CoH. I'd love to try out the beta to see.
Posted by Trision

I'm hyped for this.

Posted by EightBitShik

Yeah that looked really boring def not excited about that.

Posted by Jimbo_N

MMOs really dosent play well in trailer form.

Posted by Myrmidon

Looks like something I would never play, ever.

Posted by afrokola

This and Old Repbulic look really good. Can't wait for a definite release window for this.

Posted by Media_Master

looks alright

Posted by Slaneesh
@Jimbo_N said:
"MMOs really dosent play well in trailer form. "

You said it.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

At least they're adding it in from the start. I think COX did it wrong. As one guy said, "If you don't include PVP from the start, then there is no point in putting it in later."

Having said that, I think if people REALLY wanted PVP done right, what they would do is turn it into a minigame that mimics something like Fight Night or that other fighting game (MMA?), where you use reflexes & strategy in a different context from how combat is performed in the main game. You would definitely have more people spending time in PVP at that point.

Just grafting on the existing MMO controls into PVP doesn't really work out to be very interesting. Just to increase stat points isn't enough.  PVP needs to be different from the main game with its own addiction processes in place to make people come back to play it for different reasons than the MMO.