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Edited by PCWV

I love Batman

EDIT: Wait a second, Regular ass batman? Green Lantern batman?! Ryan totally called this!

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Posted by onan

I'm very much looking forward to when all of this overpriced Batman crap gets discounted in a weekly sale. Hopefully before I stop caring.

Posted by Ghostiet

Sinsetro? Seriously?

Posted by Y2Ken

Favourite of those is probably the animated series one, but as to whether I'd actually bother with this... I'm not too fussed honestly.

Posted by Cheesebob

How does the final batman actually fly? He doesn't have a cape

Posted by Foggen

Call me when they add Russian Martian Batman.

Edited by Dany

I really really like the Batman Beyond skin, looks like spandex or rubbery, plus its form fitting....what?

@Cheesebob: Its small but it hides when not flying.

Posted by isles

Playing the one without a cape is the only one I'd be tempted to try but I very much doubt I am going to replay the game just for that.

Posted by mbkish

The only one I really want is the Batman Beyond skin as I already have the Animated Series and Dark Knight Returns.

Posted by Lazyaza

In related Arkham City news the PC version finally got its DX11 fix patch today.

Posted by Mumrik

The animated series had a fantastic aesthetic, but sadly, that version really doesn't fit in here. He is not that well done either. Too soft, round and free of shadows.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man
@PCWV said:

I love Batman

EDIT: Wait a second, Regular ass batman? Green Lantern batman?! Ryan totally called this!

Thats not a green lantern outfit. 
Edited by Cornman89

There's something really off-putting about Animated Series Batman...

Posted by AlKusanagi

Totally worth it just for BTAS Batman with Kevin Conroy's voice.

Posted by Oni

Dark Knight Returns Batman is so fkkn grody, I love it. Batman Beyond and 70s Batman are pretty sweet too.

Posted by Afroman269

I want that Batman Beyond skin. Also the Dark Knight Returns one looks great, dude looks like a steriod maniac that will punch holes in guys.

Posted by SomeJerk

In additional PC version news, the aforemtnioned DX11 patch doesn't seem to do shit, framerates are still disastrous :(

Posted by NickLott

I'm curious how Batman Beyond Batman glides without a cape. Do those red wings pop out under the arm?

Posted by 014

It's like the developers took sweet community created mod content, made it themselves, and charged for it. Wait. That's exactly what they did. I prefer free skin mods.

Posted by ColonelT

They all look great, but it's one month too late

Posted by cooljammer00

So does Batman Beyond animate with jets in his legs like in the cartoon?

Posted by Count_Zero

@Ghostiet said:

Sinsetro? Seriously?

Well, he does inspire great fear.

Posted by DarthB

I too demand Russian Martian Batman!

Posted by El_Derrico

No Detective Comics #27 Batman with the purple gloves? Good call.

Posted by Ghostiet
@Count_Zero said:

@Ghostiet said:

Sinsetro? Seriously?

Well, he does inspire great fear.

I'm talking about the fact that there's goddamn "Sinsestro" written in the trailer. It's Sinestro or Sinsestro?
Posted by rebgav

@NickLott said:

I'm curious how Batman Beyond Batman glides without a cape. Do those red wings pop out under the arm?


Posted by JohnDudebro

They can't be used in New Game+, and I don't plan on playing a lot of challenge maps at this point. I probably will skip these.

Posted by emtee

They should've gotten Adam West to record the voices for 1970s Batman. Maybe then I would be tempted to buy it.

Edited by 234r2we232

Had I not already started my New Game +, I might have given this a second look. This also reminds me that I still have a 70's Batman suit code that I never used.

Please, Rocksteady. I would gladly pay for some good story DLC that I can actually play. With that said, I might pay for some more Catwoman costumes, since when I do play the challenge rooms it's usually with her.

Posted by BalrogsBain

@Ghostiet said:

Sinsetro? Seriously?

yeah i got a free code for the ps3 version months ago when the green lantern blue ray came out

Posted by Boboblaw

That Batman Beyond costume is awesome.

Posted by Tha36thchamber

All those skins should have been in-game unlockables. Like maybe for chasing down all those

Riddler trophies.

Posted by Robopengy

I'm definitely getting TAS Batman. Will go perfectly with Kevin Conroy's voice!

Posted by AlisterCat

That animated series batman is amazing. But what does batman Beyond do for the cape whip? He has no cape.

Posted by Bane122

@AlisterCat: The red wings pop out of nowhere like in the cartoon. It's a pretty neat touch.

Posted by BooDoug187

@Foggen said:

Call me when they add Russian Martian Batman.

Could add Red Son Batman for your Russian Martian needs:

Posted by fox01313

Still would have bought this if there was one batgirl/batwoman in all those alternatives to the bat.

Edited by coaxmetal

e: wrong video, I hate that it autoplays

Posted by Oni

@Riboflavin: You can turn that off under the video player

@BooDoug187: Fuck that would've been great, I love Red Son.

Posted by Shaanyboi

I don't care what anyone says, TAS Batman looks fucking hideous when rendered in 3D. I'll probably go with Batman Beyond, or Earth One.

Edited by ArtelinaRose

Beefy Batman Beyond Batman looks WEIRD.

Edited by FoxMulder

Had they released this closer to the game I woud have gotten them as I was super stoked at first. But I'd really only want the Animated Series one. That and I've already played the game twice and probably wont play it again for a while.

Posted by huser

@emtee: The "1970's" version of Batman was made in RESPONSE to the campy 1960's TV show. If anyone knew their history, that would simply never be allowed to happen.

Posted by huser

@Cheesebob said:

How does the final batman actually fly? He doesn't have a cape

Strangely enough in the source fiction, he's the only version that CAN actually fly.

Posted by emtee

@huser: Had no idea there even was a 70s show, I thought they were the same as the 60s one. The more you know...

Posted by RE_Player1

@Artemesia: Well in the cartoon we first see Bruce in the costume where he is fairly beefy. Terry than takes the costume and is a more skinnier Batman until he's older.

Posted by Crono

No Russian Martian Batman? No sale.

Posted by Sammo21

Wait, so Dark Knight Returns isn't staying exclusive to the special edition?

Posted by Peacemaker

I miss the old days of alternate costumes being unlockables.

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