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Posted by GaspoweR

Shiny cars are lookin good!

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Edit: Damn this quest... I can't wait for F4.

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Posted by wickedsc3

Can't wait for this! Already got the LCE pre-ordered!

Posted by Xsnipd

Top Gear Track and this made my justification to get forza 4.

Posted by pickassoreborn

Looks lovely. I want.

Posted by dandead

Looks intresting might have to pick this up!

Posted by Kidavenger

This game may be the reason I finally get a 360. GT5 was such a huge pile of crap.

Posted by FinalDasa

Where's PSEG and slowbird to drool over this?

Posted by Phoenix87

Very disappointed by GT 5, I'm switching sides. Cant wait for F4.

Posted by cassus

Looks very pretty. Unfortunately, it also looks like it's running at about 20fps in this trailer.. Some nasty stuttering when they zoom out at the end that was extremely obvious. Anyone know if they're aiming for 60 or 30 with this?

Posted by Sander

That was...an immense waste of bandwidth.
Artsy footage that doesn't show anything with the exception that this track isn't suitable for grand prix racing and isn't that artsy to begin with, need to be tucked away into a warehouse of forbidden items and never heard from ever again.

Posted by Alex_Carrillo

@cassus: The game is running at a solid 60FPS at all times. Unfortunately you can't tell because video is usually at around 30FPS.

Posted by Trace

If you don't want to call it by its advertisement name, Sears Point or Sonoma will always suffice!

And yes, I'm thrilled by this. Now to wait the (hopefully) inevitable announcement of Watkins Glen...

Posted by Jerome85

Laser scanned tracks >> 
iracing >>

Posted by TheKing

Can't wait for this.

Posted by Bouke
@wickedsc3 said:

Can't wait for this! Already got the LCE pre-ordered!

Same here!
Posted by icytower38

@PsEG said:

Now to wait the (hopefully) inevitable announcement of Watkins Glen...

Couldn't agree more, would love some Glen in Forza 4

Posted by slowbird

@FinalDasa: right here! This may be my favorite track in this game...this game that we call...4za. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH

Posted by pweidman

Fuck Yeah! I had no idea they were including Infinion, or as we knew it most of my life: Sears Point. I've watched so many races there. :)) Preorder time.

Posted by shadystx

Sim racing is easily one of my fav genre's, I have always been a big gran turismo fan but this generation Turn10 have IMO taken the mantel as best console sim racer, and they even put out two amazing games before PD put out one good game that was a little disappointing as I am sure most fans were hoping for something special after all that time. 
This game has been pre-ordered for awhile and I am very exited for F4, the trailer was shit though, just show us a full lap of gameplay with some cool music and it would have been great.

Posted by Michaelblack18

long track? lord i hope so same thing with the glen if they add the glen of course

Posted by killawogg

sold bitches!!! game looks bad ass, cant wait to do some driving...... got me some driver to play until then ;)

Posted by Grilledcheez

One of my favorite video game series...they get exponentially better with each iteration.

Posted by VooDooPC

I'm guessing this is being bullshotted like the last one? All rendered races which have the high quality car models and don't run at 60fps...

Posted by Trace

@Michaelblack18: The official Forza 4 site already confirms that Sears Point will have the full track configuration, along with the NASCAR and IndyCar variants. I imagine they'll do the same with Watkins Glen when/if it's added.

Posted by Hexogen

Sweet! I've been wanting to see Infineon in Forza for a while. Spa-Francorchamps next, please.

Posted by Tondo

Looks fucking amazing ! Forza is definetly my favorite racing series and it just keeps on getting better. I still hope that theres lots of more tracks than in forza3.. if nothing else they should bring back the fictional tracks from Forza1 like Blue Mountain.

Posted by xq

Now I will finally be able to live my dream of doing a 24 hours of lemons at Infineon.

Posted by dream431ca

It sucks that the 360 doesn't accept Logitech wheels, otherwise I'd buy this game. After playing GT5 with the Logitech wheel, I can't play racing games with the controller.

Posted by Pink_o_mat

I want this game! I don't like racing games and I don't have a 360, but I want Forza 4!

Posted by fearlessidiot

Lets answer the real question, what is that super ambient song playing?

Posted by MeatSim

More exciting then NASCAR.