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Posted by FunExplosions

 Prepare to die
Posted by darkjester74

I dont know whats worse, this trailer, or the name.  Ugh.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

What I read is that this game will be for the 360 & PS3.  No mention of it being on a PC or other platform.  I think what they're doing is utilizing the Spore game engine/library to build a new type of game. It's about reuse. I thought Spore was great but I didn't have time to play it all that much. I think I got to the Tribal stage but never moved past that.  I still have it on my Mac, along with the expansion pack.  I still marvel at all the games they're pulling from the Spore software.
If Wright didn't quit & they didn't have such bad DRM on the game disk, I think they really could have gone somewhere with Spore.  It just never moved from good to great.
I am looking forward Darkspore.  Maybe it's out to compete against Mass Effect?  They did say RPG after all. It's gonna be a gas, at least I hope it's better than Alpha Prote.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

Spore 40,000 
In the GRIM DARK future of Spore there is only.... penis monsters!
Posted by MeatSim

EA still proudly milking and tampering with Will Wrights intellectual properties.