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Edited by bonbolapti

what is this? because it's not working

Posted by bretthancock

damn almost first.  From the description this game sounds really strange.

Posted by ajamafalous

I'm intrigued by the description, but the video's not working.

Posted by GalacticPunt

"The Lord commands you to save mankind."  is just not as catchy as "Duder, it's over"

Posted by gosukiller
@GalacticPunt said:
" "The Lord commands you to save mankind."  is just not as catchy as "Duder, it's over" "
Give it a while, I'm certain it will stick!
Posted by Guyzea

There's a high chance that we might see the fabled "God vs Evil God" fight in this game!

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

The lord commands me to go do something else for a while, I guess.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

The Lord Commands you to just wait for one goddam minute, he's working on it. Jesus Christ...

Posted by Robin_Gr

Bible Adventures 2: Back in the Habit.

Posted by glitznglam_style

Yeah, I want this. The main character is... eh, uh, yeah..., but other that that, this looks great. 
Lots of talent behind this one, too.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Looks pretty unique, at least as far as the art style is concerned.  That alone has me intrigued.

Posted by paulunga

The artstyle looks REALLY interesting. It's the gameplay parts that bother me.

Posted by A_Dog

This is ignition's next game. :o

Posted by RVonE

I love it when the Japanese do bible-related stories. They always make it absolutely crazy. 
Posted by Scrawnto

I am baffled but intrigued.

Posted by RobotHamster

So is this a Swery game?

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Really wish Jp games would go back to the 90's where they belong. 

Posted by Valentino

Ignition? The very same Ignition?

Posted by Sweep

Oh man, this game looks fucking beautiful! 
Might have to check this out :O

Edited by enemymouse

this looks beautiful but the armour needs less booby

Posted by ZmillA

please be $20 please be 20$

Posted by Authun

Interesting, that went from 'slightly visually interesting generic anime shit' to 'very visually interesting but still probably generic anime shit' very quickly/

Posted by skrutop

My taste for games that scream "Japanese" has really dulled in the past year or so.

Posted by RVonE
@enemymouse said:
"this looks beautiful but the armour needs less booby "

No, the armor needs more booby.
Posted by sixpin

El Shaddai is Hebrew for God Almighty and the title references Metatron, an angel appearing in medieval jewish texts; it looks like this one is based on Judaism. Sounds interesting in concept; not that many games based on that source material.

Posted by I_smell

If the other half of this was a dating sim n it was called Persona 5, I'd be all over it

Posted by horrorshow

Anyone else think he looks like Brad Pitt from Troy when he dons that first set of armor?

Posted by Mowgers

Yes. I understand. 
Naw I'm just fuckin' with ya. What?

Posted by Nasar7

Nothing androgynous about a square jaw.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

What the hell is this? It looks awesome.

Edited by rav2002

Next endurance run ?

Edited by Spiritof

Japan, what have you done?

Posted by SuperJoe

"Come on, porklings!  It's payback time!"

Posted by fjor


Edited by Zomgfruitbunnies

Hopefully, this game won't be a case of style over substance.  A little concerned here.

Posted by Leptok

I guess it had to happen someday, when brainstorming on how to make their character more effete than the rest, they said to hell with it, throw some boobs on em.

Posted by Liminality

This game looks so good!

Posted by Slab64

El Shaddai is a pretty cool guy. He travels through time and doesn't afraid of anything.

Posted by SaltyJack


Posted by kollay

Reminds me of Digital Devil Saga, a bit...

Posted by Beforet

Did anyone else expect the guy to say "...Mr. President" at the end?
So...seems like an odd game. I'll keep my eye on it, I might be interested.

Posted by Duffyside
I was rootin' for ya, buddy.
Posted by fox01313

Really don't understand why he upgraded the armor to restart that fight when he didn't get hit or need the extra armor.

Posted by sickVisionz

So this plays like Bayonetta?  Seems like an odd game in a good way.  Graphics shoot from being really impressive to looking to like a PSP game though.

Posted by Carlidus

i will get this

Posted by MeatSim

Your armor has big holes in it you should get that fixed.

Posted by ThePhilatron

I'll start taking bets on how much sacrilege will be in this game. Still trying to think of a reasonable starting point for an over under, seems like there will be a lot of it.

Posted by max3000

Loving the art style. This looks like a really interesting game.

Posted by Xolare

Finally! A game where I can play as Jesus!

Posted by ToxicFruit

Holy shit ! my name is Enok !

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