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Posted by Morningstar

Gorgeous indeed.

Posted by ripelivejam

this would be good if i had a Vita


(i miss my vita :'( )

Posted by TurboMan

Your telling me that there are other things that my Vita can do besides Spelunky?

Posted by mrfluke

Sure, ill check this out on vita.

Posted by fisk0

Seemed like the most appropriate platform for the game in the first place, I'll probably pick the Vita version up.

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might just check this out on vita

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Huh. I was sort of on the fence about ever playing it, but I might pick it up on the Vita.

Posted by langdonx

Cross Buy? Cross Play?

Posted by DedBeet

Excellent! I hope they do the same with WWI game they're making. It too uses the ubiart engine.

Posted by TWISTEDH34T

Oh that's nice news. Was about to pick it up for the xbox one, but this game seems like it would make a great handheld game.

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Posted by Mr_Creeper
@langdonx said:

Cross Buy? Cross Play?

I need to look into that, too. Honestly, we'll probably see it free on PlayStation Plus somewhere down the line.

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Make sure you talk about this on Bombin' the AM, please!!

Posted by TheBlue

I hope this doesn't mean I have to listen to Patrick lay into the game again on another Bombin'.

Oh well, the Vita is an excellent place for it. I wish it would've initially come out for Vita cause I would've preferred it there.

Posted by tbk

@fisk0: Game has its flaws, but it kinda makes sense for it to be on the VITA, Problem though is the small screen though. Curious how the game would look on a OLED display though.

Posted by RonGalaxy

Cool, hopefully it comes to ps plus eventually.

Posted by VictorDeLeon

cross buy?

Posted by gregoryc

I enjoyed Child of Light. I will get this version of game also to support what Ubisoft is trying to do.

Posted by xbob42

Err, is there any game in existence that isn't flawed? Even my very favorite games of all time have issues that could be improved massively.

I mean, I get the context of what Patrick is saying here, but it just struck me now on how weird and nebulous calling something "flawed," is, when just about everything is flawed. Hell, I don't even think Child of Light's flaws are that big, biggest complaint is that it's easy, and yet most people refuse to crank up the difficulty because... that would be... an option?

Ah well, not a big deal either way.

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Awesome, I was hoping this would come to vita.

Posted by jamesbravo2110

Awesomeness at its peak ...great work http://bit.ly/R7BSuu

Posted by Kreeztoff

Most excite.

Posted by frombrosis

Great, I'm glad I held off getting it for my PC. Now I can take it on my daily commutes with my Vita. Can't wait.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Funny just how quickly they turned on this game.

"Oh, this $15 download doesn't offer a deep, 40 hour storyline with complex gameplay mechanics? At least it looks pretty, i guess."

I played through it 2.9 times, it's a fine game for the price, unlike Gone Home (teh sick burn lolz)

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Seems like it would be a great place to play it. I'll pick it up on here and have the added bonus of supporting a publisher who releases on Vita!

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Excuse me.... "f%^ yes!" That's excellent news! Gosh we need games for that system.