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Posted by stenchlord

Fingers crossed for ya.

Posted by therealminime

I've played a few hours and yeah, it seems pretty good. At the very least is looks superb and has some really nice music.

Posted by Greeny83

I'm only an hour or two in but I'm REALLY enjoying it so far. The fact that it uses Grandia's battle system made this an instant buy for me. Far and away the best system in RPG's if you ask me.

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I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'm almost halfway through, if the 10 hour estimates are true. I was attempting to write this whole comment in rhyme, but I haven't got the time.

The combat is fun, it looks pretty, and all of the rhyming in the dialogue isn't as corny as I expected. It's very relaxing to play, even during combat. All of the sounds and music are pretty soft and relaxing. Interesting game.

Posted by Clapmaster

Where's the quick look? I'm downloading it now, screens I've seen look really nice.

Posted by Dimi3je

a QL would be rad

Posted by skadave

It took me 2 1/2 hours to download it last night through my PS4 (My download speeds are about 50MBS). Therefore I only got to play about 10 minutes of it. It IS gorgeous and I cannot wait to get more time with it.

Posted by Jazz_Bcaz

It's downloading agonisingly slowly for me on PS3. 2 and a half hours is but a fantasy for me right now.

Posted by Cathryn

Would love to see a Quick Look.

Posted by LarryDavis

It's okay. The visuals are easily the best thing about it.

Posted by PazDaemon

I ended up ordering the Collectors Edition through my buddy in Ireland, gotta wait an extra few days for him to ship it out my way. I want that artbook and poster!! (And the game looks fantastic too)

Posted by EvanSnicks

Planning on spending my weekend with Child Of Light and I don't even usually like JRPG's; but this just looks too pretty, and too charming to pass up.

Posted by Efesell

This game is beautiful, charming as hell, and even a somewhat rudimentary version of the Grandia battle system still ends up being pretty fun.

Posted by EthanielRain

The combat gets kind of boring, but otherwise it's solid.

Posted by Hashbrowns

@efesell said:

This game is beautiful, charming as hell, and even a somewhat rudimentary version of the Grandia battle system still ends up being pretty fun.

Grandia II is the only JRPG I ever really enjoyed playing; the combat felt far more engaging than any of the others I have tried out. I actually finished Grandia II, which I can't even say of Persona 4 (whose appeal lies squarely on characters and story for me, the combat system just kinda bored me, let alone the persona fusing tedium).

When I first saw the combat in Child of Light, I was instantly reminded of Grandia II and now I'll have to try it out.

Posted by rethla

Good combat but way to simpel and repetitiv. I didnt loose a single fight throughtout the game but that was kind of expected from UBI, casual is the name of the game. Setting the game to hard doesnt change much.

The artstyle, music, writing and general atmosphere in the game is awesome tho and make it worth your while.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Quick Look just went up today, so I'll have to check that out next. Honestly, I've seen so many trailers for this lately that I'm kinda' over the hype.

Posted by BisonHero

I love that all the prior trailers totally played up the music, the serene fairytale look of everything, the story of this little girl who is taken away from her father, etc.

And then the launch day trailer is "Oh god, no more fucking around, let's just show nothing but combat and the phrase 9-out-of-10 as many times as we possible can".