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Such high hopes for this game.

Posted by falling_fast

i am really really looking forward to this game

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Never heard of the game but it looks really cool.

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Very much looking forward to this one. Hope it all turns out well. OMG! That's Ceour De Pirate! Didn't know she was involved in the music. The music will be fantastic then.

Posted by TotalHell

CIrque du Soleil are masters of visual art and performance. Knowing they had a hand in this is huge.

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Please be good! Everything about this game looks and sounds absolutely wonderful.

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Posted by billyhoush

This looks like quality.

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I can't hold all this hype. Looks fantastic. Day -9001 buy.

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Cirque du Soleil is all about the video games.

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Sounds great except for the time invested in turn based battles.

Posted by ProfessorEss

If I was this industry I'd take as much Cirque Du Soleil as they would give.

Posted by iBushido

My girlfriend used to play games all the time when she was younger, and now she just kinda lost touch with it all. When Journey came out on PSN, I bought it for her hoping that because it's so short and simple and has that emotional side to it, she would be able to enjoy it. Turns out she loved it. Then for one of our anniversaries I bought her Ni No Kuni. She loves anime and Harry Potter and RPG type games so I gave it to her and I'm pretty sure she beat it with like 100% completion. I'm 2 for 2 now.

I'm thinking this game will be my third choice. The simplicity, the music, the art style, etc., all seem like they will just consume her and she'll be as obsessed. It feels like someone who became emotionally damaged needs video game rehab and I have to ease her back into it and remind her of how happy it used to make her. So far so good. I hope this one lives up to the last two games I gave her.

Posted by buemba

I was already interested in this game, but Coeur De Pirate's involvement might have pushed it into a day one purchase now.

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@buemba: hah, I was about to post the same thing except "dope piano music" instead of her name.

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Foley! ♥

Oh hey! This is out sooner than I thought. Can't wait to play it!

Posted by zaboomyfool

i had almost no intrest in this game now that ive seen this video im looking forword to give it a shot

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