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This is a Saturn game, right?

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@supercubedude: SNES.

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I think so, yes.

NA box art
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Ah, my mistake.

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Read as Gunstar Heroes and got all excited.

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This looks fun!

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@PhilosopherRhymes: Isn't Gunstar Heroes already on XBLA?

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This was one of my favorite Saturn games. Might pick this up.

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@PerryVandell: Uh...no, it's a Saturn exclusive. Sorry.
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Many a night of studying didn't happen because of this game. Can't wait for a new generation to experience it.

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@MormonWarrior: He already said it was his mistake. Lay off.

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Huhn, seems cool. Any kind of character progression?

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This looks incredibly cool, I never got to play the original. Any idea of when this is coming out, aside from "Fall 2011"?

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alright that's pretty cool. great to see a game like this coming to xbox

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@cstrang: Didn't see that when I typed. I guess I could have refreshed the page first before submitting. Eh, no harm no foul.
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Huhn, seems cool. Any kind of character progression?
Indeed! You can level up stats between levels.

Played this for the first time a month ago, and I'm ready to play more.
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the choose your own adventure stuff was my favorite thing about this game.

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@CharAznable said:

This looks incredibly cool, I never got to play the original. Any idea of when this is coming out, aside from "Fall 2011"?

Oct 12
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@supercubedude: A Saturn game that took full advantage of the Saturn's positives: tons of 2D sprites all over the screen at all times.

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That looks really awesome, wish it was coming to PC.

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Mess up wizards? That's fucked up.

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Can't wait, still got the saturn version on my shelf.

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Holy crap! I haven't played Guardian Heroes in forever. You guys should totally do a Quick Look on Shining: The Holy Ark, another one of my favorite games for the Saturn. And while im in an asking mood do Dragon Force, and Radiant Silvergun too!

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Man I hope Sega brings this to PSN. Guardian Heroes is one of my fav games ever.

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Oh man, I so wanna get my hands on this! Any mention of a release date?

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edit: Oh awesome! It IS rendered at a higher internal resolution this time and in widescreen! Now the sprites don't look all blocky and terrible as they're scaled to the plane you're on. I should buy this just to get the point across that this is how to rerelease older 2D games. However, it's still a Sega game, so there's bound to be some caveat.

It'll also be nice to finally play it with 5 other dudes since I never had that many controllers for my Saturn.

@Mayu_Zane said:

Now I'm hoping Dragon Force gets a re-release somehow.

Having recently re-played it, all that game has going for it is nostalgia. Guardian Heroes, on the other hand, while short, is still fun to this day. Dragon Force just reminded me of a super primitive Total War type of game when I played it recently

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@PerryVandell:  WRONG , Sega Saturn ftw
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Oh my ... this game is amazing. If you have not played the original, you really are missing out.

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I would totally buy this but I haven't bought Bastion yet so this will have to wait.

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One of my favorite games on the Saturn.Another game I cant wait for

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Damn this is made by Treasure which means insta buy.

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Way back when, I can remember my cousin and I deciding to share the wealth a little bit. We decided he would buy a Saturn and I would buy a PlayStation. He ended up getting the short end of the stick on that deal, but I can remember playing a TON of Guardian Heroes and loving every minute of it.

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This game was one of the best ARPG on Saturn ever.  I hope this remake is good... even though I don't have XBLA...

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So... it's not HD, but I don't see any pixels, it just looks smudged. like a cheap 2xSaI filter. Woo... hoo?

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October 12th!? Sweet :D

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Not a fan of the art style.