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This makes me glad to know Gearbox is finishing Duke Nukem Forever.

Posted by EverFrost

Very nice, still getting this.

Posted by Innovacious

damn, theyre still spending money on marketing this, i cant imagine there are alot of people left that dont have it

Posted by RE_Player1
@innovacious said:
" damn, theyre still spending money on marketing this, i cant imagine there are alot of people left that dont have it "
I just ordered through Amazon. Lots of people still haven't played Borderlands and the GOTY edition is a great way to jump in. 
Posted by gonzotgreat23
I'm one of the ones who doesn't have it yet.  Last month of the year is the only time I have to game so keeping the game in the news helps me remember what is worth checking out.
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Oh god. . . Ned and Zed really are different guys! 
Also, I want diamond flavored water now, I bet that stuffs good. 
Also, "West Wing with me" and "Hell the uh uh" are two of my new favorite phrases ever.

Posted by Flacracker

That was great.

Posted by Gwonam

Duke at 2:35.

Posted by Animasta

nooooooooooo thank you

Posted by Hero_Swe

David Eddings is amazing.
Posted by Nonentity

I love Scooter. I LOVE SCOOTER.  

Posted by Unlogik
@innovacious: I actually think there are quite a few. I know 3 of my friends that have been waiting for the GOTY to come out.
Posted by ZeroCrescent

Duke Nukem cameo!

Posted by RE_Player1
@Gwonam said:
" Duke at 2:35. "
I just paused it. That is really cool. 
Posted by anarchcorp

I really want this game. I'll probably pick it up in a while.

Posted by HeliumSpoon

thats fucking awsome
Posted by Jeffk38uk

I already own the game and the DLC, but this still makes me want to get the GOTY edition, lol.

Posted by jelekeloy

That was amazing.  I should friggin buy it, huh Claptrap?

Posted by DazzHardy

I marked out for the Duke cameo.

Posted by Oni

This is fantastic.

Posted by Nekroskop
Posted by JessicaBoo

This is genius! I love claptrap XD! 

Posted by swamplord666

No... you've got other games to play... you don't need this game. You SHOULDN'T buy this game. scroll away from the buy button Swamplord... GODDAMMIT

Posted by KillyDarko

This was an awesome promo! I won't be buying it though.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Well fuck. 
I guess I should get back into Boderlands.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

You know, this would be enough to make me buy the game...If I didn't already have it. 
Also, how did Moxie outsell the Zombie Island? 

Posted by Mystyr_E

well they somehow did the impossible: they made anything to do with Mad Moxxi awesome, yet notice there's no gameplay of it :D

Posted by Jayzilla


Posted by SiN13

Nice, Anthoy Burch representing on the video.

Posted by nohthink


Posted by Smokay

I have to buy Boderlands

Posted by Killroycantkill

Yo, Claptrap is a jerk... lol.

Posted by Jayross

Haha hilarious. I was also considering buying this.

Posted by DropSolo

Anyone know if I trade in my original disc and get the GOTY edition for all the DLC, will trophies/achievements carry over?

Posted by Taborcarn

I respectfully request that Claptrap stock the GOTY version at Toys R Us, so I can take advantage of their B2G1 deal.

Posted by MisterMouse

hmmm... that is an interesting route to take...

Posted by Valentino

Whoa, Anthony Burch helped write this? Guess it shows.

Posted by Redbullet685

That was amazing. Especially love the Duke Nukem Cameo.

Posted by samcotts

I didn't find this amusing. 
However, Mr. Claptrap, I will be purchasing Borderlands GOTY.

Posted by LiquidSwords

But where's the update, yo!

Posted by SSully
@Jeffk38uk said:
" I already own the game and the DLC, but this still makes me want to get the GOTY edition, lol. "
I own the game, but none of the DLC. I may pick it up for PC when its cheaper. 
Posted by KaiUnderneath

Fuck yeah! 
Anthony Burch writing credit. 
Also: Fuck yeah! 
This is hilarious.

Posted by Glak

Aw man, this has convinced me to buy the DLC for the homeless claptraps 
I love how this basically summarizes every DLC that's come out so far

Posted by TheSmartMonkey

3D test lab? Will Borderlands 2 be in 3D?

Posted by ch3burashka

A bit dry, and too self-referential for my tastes. The bleeps do make it much better. 
Also, Borderworlds: 3D Bonanza totally confirmed.

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I totally missed the Duke cameo, i looked away for a second to grab a sip of coffee. I  finished it and thought " good promo video, no Duke cameo, that  would've made it better".  Saw the comments and had to rewind and go "i knew duke would be in there somewhere!"

Posted by PhatSeeJay

I will have to decline his request, at least for now. My interest is definitely there, it's just my wallet.

Posted by jorbear


Posted by Ronald

I believe Claptrap is right. Nipples are important to the plot.

Posted by TheHakku

Claptrap... what a jerk.

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