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don't look bad...

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I missed these guys at PAX Prime this year...

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Firefall? The company that made all those games presented at PAX this year?

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Really looking forward to this. Global Agenda 2.0.

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Fairly generic answers. Essentially, "we balanced it just like everyone else does."

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Global Agenda 2.0.

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Pretty generic name and artstyle but the gameplay doesnt look too bad..

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ugh i have a hard time getting into this sort of games

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@project343 said:

Global Agenda 2.0.

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Not sure about this. When he's talking about "heroic moments" he's clearly talking about premium members vs F2P members.

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Nice to see there's no more need for posting 720P versions in the comments :-)

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Looks really dumb...

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dam i misread that as Firefly

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@Commisar123: A firefly game would be infinitely better than this tribes clone.

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Admittedly I haven't been following it very closely, but I didn't expect Firefall to look so similar to Global Agenda. Decent class-based PvP is pretty common these days, but I hope they execute better on the PvE side than GA did (and that was okay, not bad)

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As one of the lucky few to have played this game, I'm sad that it gets so much negativity here on GB. In my humble opinion this game is fantastic and is currently on the top of my list. Please watch the trailer from G Star if you want to see a good mix of PvE and PvP gameplay, also there is dubstep .. here :http://youtu.be/3g9xRCxWWd0

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Dam if only i could find their booth at pax prime...

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As one of the lucky few to have played this game, I'm sad that it gets so much negativity here on GB.

Ive played it as well and just from the videos i would say anyone could extrapolate that its PVP is slow boring and nothing that hasn't been done before.When i think about this game all i can picture is some CEO guy saying to him self "yeah were gonna get all these call of duty and halo kids to play are game cause its free"totally missing the point there game is super fucking bland. I have high hopes for the PVE side but they think PVP E-sports is gonna be there meal ticket even thow there is no market for FPS E-sports.

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he's talking out of his arse really.

It's amazing how people spin simple stuff into something complicated and new.

It's not what you say it's how you say it.

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cool game.

patiently awaiting my beta code

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Looking forward to this but I don't care at all for the character design. All those armor things are butt-ugly.

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Unless this game has hats, I'm uninterested.

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Oh Scott I'm glad you didn't get jaded when Dynamix fell apart.

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It's free to play right? Well, I'll give it a try at least then :D

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After the all sky-games, are we moving on to the -fall games?

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Kinda sad about the flack this game gets around here, which I think is due to the heavy handed advertising at PAX (as opposed to the game/gameplay itself).

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looks interesting. But these F2P games always promise to be the best things out there. And they all just about suck.

hope this one is different. But..doubtful

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I'm interested in this game, and I don't get interested in first person shooters, generally speaking. I guess there are multiple ways of looking at that.

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I heard "listen to the community" and "balance changes" within five words of each other. Oh dear, if this man is telling the truth, this game's balance is gonna be fuuuucked.

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I'm probably reading too much into things, but knowing that a former WoW developer was working on this game (specifically, the WoW team lead from 2005 founded the studio, now that I've looked it up), I couldn't help but crack a smile when I head the alert at 9:25 in this video.

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How big will the Firefall booth at PAX be though?