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Posted by ArbitraryWater

Go Young Clifford!

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Young Clifford!

Posted by Smallville123

He will always be CliffyB to me :)

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What a legend

Posted by Scooper

Yung Cliff0rd in tha hizza!

Posted by Wright

Young Clifford holding it down! Good interview Jeff.

Posted by Kinarion

I don't know; I always pictured Bleszinski as a Weezer fan.

Posted by dQuarters

"Clifford B thinks phone app devs should die! ... News at eleven."

Posted by dagas

It's hard to imagine there is any more power in the 360 to be unlocked, but I guess if anyone could do it it would be Epic.

Posted by Jayge_

Cliff Bleszinski: Churnin' the Butter since '08 XD

Posted by samcotts

Jeff interviewing Cliff = Awesome

Posted by Cubez

I still have that On The Spot episode of Jeff and Cliff talking about Gears where Jeff's "reaching across the universe to speak with a (Jeffs deep voice) Game Designer" lol and at the end he asks if their working on something else. I guess Gears 2 was it.

Anyways nice to see them again and to those confused of my comment just watch the episode to understand.

Posted by jarryd

i cant believe jeff didnt discuss the future naming possibilities for yung clifford

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Huge dude interviews Dude Huge.

You get the dig (perhaps subconsciously) to Carmack about how lame it is to go back and make a phone game?

Posted by Davvyk


Posted by DavidM

Very good and thoughtful interview Jeff.

Posted by wefwefasdf

I love that kid.

Posted by high_seraph

always entertaining.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

You should've told Cliff if his team was working on Unreal Engine4.

Posted by JoelTGM

Great interview.

Posted by PitifullPete

You can really see Jeffs experience with Interviews. How he tries to push the boundaries a little - nice.

Posted by stillmotion

Shit yeah! The Cliffster is back.

Posted by PLWolf

Should've called him Young Clifford. lol

I grew up in LA and I love LA, but all things considered, I love livin in the SF Bay Area.

Posted by Meteora

Never played Gears nor never knew this guy, but he is awesome.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Cliffy B is my hero

Posted by AndrewB

And of course, Newegg's 3 day guaranteed shipping fails in this one specific case, and I won't be getting the game until monday.

Posted by Daveyo520

Woo Young Clifford!!!!!!!

Posted by Lepuke

Great interview. Giant Bomb FTW.

Posted by MadExponent

Oh Young Clifford.

Posted by Johanz

Snap that CD in half and pee on it! That's how you enjoy Gears 2! Young Clifford offers some good tips! :D

Posted by BawlZINmotion

Best Dude Huge interview ever.

Posted by mrfluke
jeff and dude huge have good chemistry on screen
Posted by Vgsounds

God Jeff's awsome! Great interview thanks for posting it.

Posted by Rio

Great Interview, as usual.  Clifford really is just a great guy and I'm excited to see what he works on down the road after Gears.

Posted by drtones

Jeff, esp loved the latter part of the interview..."tell me about your mother".....please, some more of this nature would be awesome. Be it genuine, or acted out, it's just a refreshing angle to see and laugh over. Kudos to you guys.

Posted by ethanmmm

Tell me about your mother

Posted by Grim_Reaper

"( cough ) pussy" pure gold!!! props for O.G. Cliffy B.  Speak Yo' mind bro!!!

Posted by Coldbrand

Cliffy B.

Posted by Jimbo_N

The coolest man in the industry.
and this might have been one of the best interviews hes ever done. Extremely good questions. I felt I got more out of this interview than any other Interview leading up to Gears 2. Its funny he should say "Microsofts puppet bla bla bla" because thats kinda the feeling Ive had with Cliff for Gears 2 compared to Gears 1. But Jeff knows how to interview people without it feeling that way and he always throws in a question you wouldnt expect.

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From this interview alone, I want to have Cliffy's Kids.
It would be much like Jerry's Kids, except with gamers.

P.S. best game interview I have ever seen, evar! gg Jeff

Posted by Video_Tycoon

Ehh, he seems a bit like a douchebag imo. >_>

Posted by killer7

yeah Cliffy B

Posted by twm

Up the irons!

Posted by TooWalrus

No, no he's Yung Clifford now.

Posted by heavymtlhead


Posted by Realkilla789

wonderful interview

Posted by antlive84

please do not come out with your horror game on PS3, because if you focus on one platform usually the game is outstanding rather than just a "great" game. Look at unreal tournament 3 --- rated lower than gears.
This is what i think, Epic will come out with their horror game in 2010, and gears 3 will be a launch title for the Xbox 720.

Posted by Kaido

I used to hate Cliffy, but seeing him sport an Iron Maiden shirt makes him alright in my book.

Posted by Derios

Man cliff b is a very uninteresting dude.

Posted by Derios

Man cliff b is a very uninteresting dude.

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