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huh, they are making me a little less interested with these.  too bad cause i wanna play, but they are trying too hard
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damn...so close!  Again!  And on a cliffy B video as well!  Ergh

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Heh these are pretty awesome.

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this game looks so good but this is some of the worst marketing since sony's early ps3 stuff

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why does Giant Bomb keep posting these Bulletstorm videos?

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@Nadafinga: Because they are trailers the publishers sent to them to upload
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Heterosexuality Defended

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I like the Cliffy B ones. The earlier stuff was terrible, but these are pretty fun.

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just no.

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I have to say that I actually really enjoy these videos.  However, while I find them a bit silly, clever, and fun I also find them terribly telling.  Being that these in no way actually try to sell the game based on its on potential it seems to me they are only trying to hide the fact that the game is not so good.  Maybe I'm wrong, I hope I'm wrong.  Regardless, unless something changes, I have no interest in getting this game.  Once it has been out for about 6 months maybe I'll check it out.

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@bluecollaralaskan: Stop watching the videos and just play the game when it releases then.  Seems like a simple solution.
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No, what's going on here, is that this game is not for you or me. Gaming has gotten so big now, that serious niches are appearing even in the hardcore market. This is a game for frat boys. Pure and simple. That's all it's trying to be. If every box came wrapped up in greek lettered wrapping paper with a complementary bottle of lube, it couldn't be clearer.

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I went from being excited about Bulletstorm, than thinking it would be ok, than thinking it would be repetitive and mediocre, and now I couldn't give a shit about this stupid game. Mission accomplished marketing team. 

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@TerraDelu said:
" *sigh* "
Tell me about it. This game seems interesting, but the marketing has been a little too over the top for me.
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Wow Bulletstorm may just have the worst marketing campaign I've ever seen.

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as dumb as this game looks, I do enjoy Cliffy B.

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I thought this video was pretty good.  Didn't make me more interested in the product but, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Man, I kinda hate Cliff Bleszinski now

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Somehow I manage to have no opinion about these videos.

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I think this is the first Bulletstorm trailer of the last ten or so that didn't make me entirely hate the game.  Of course, it was just a random joke and not anything about the game, so that doesn't exactly erase the terrible negative impression the previous trailers have given.

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@JohnnyMcmillen said:
" Wow Bulletstorm may just have the worst marketing campaign I've ever seen. "
Then you've never seen anything Microsoft's ever put out! 
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I get that this is supposed to be over the top/dumb, kind-of like Andrew W.K.... and I really like Andrew W.K. because of how over the top he is... 
But this game, I dunno... not doing it for me. 

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You really don't want me to buy this game, huh Epic?...

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Gotta say; loving the trailers for Bulletstorm. People Can Fly and Epic both know how to make a shooter, the framerate and scale seems solid, and if anyone can make horde-mode real proper-like, it's probably these cats. The cheese could either be really bad or, if we're lucky, some Vanquish/DMC-lookin' business. Here's to hoping.

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Man, a lot of whining going on here. Maybe you guys should use your $60 to buy a sense of humor instead of this game... All because of some goofy ads.

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Okay, that was pretty hilarious.

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I don't know what's worse; this or those shitty developer diaries for Brink.

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@RE_Player92: Well if you were going to buy a game based on gameplay vids and your personal taste then a bunch of marketing videos wouldn't stop you from buying it.Any game can be made to look like utter shit.In my personal opinion Bulletstorm looked cool at first, and I didn't have a problem with the over the top dialogue, but when it became apparent that they would use it rampantly then it kind of threw me off.Though maybe it could still be a solid rental, or maybe they might change things in the final version...who knows?
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Great game designer, not so good comedian.
Hey whatever though. I'd rather watch this than the other ones.

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People take things way to seriously... It's just a video people. How about we let the game come out before we make a decision?  I know next to nothing about Bulletstorm. I knew it existed, but I didn't even know Epic was making it until these videos.
That said I'm entertained by these videos, not all humor has to be high brow. 

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@I_smell said:
" Great game designer, not so good comedian.  Hey whatever though. I'd rather watch this than the other ones. "
That's just because it's shorter and has less talking and you know it:)
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I'm not gonna lie; I found that amusing.

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I really don't get how that was funny and yes I do have a sense of humour. 
The only funny thing about it is CliffyB wanted to 'grow up' and have people stop calling him that, then he goes and releases these awful trailers. Lol. 

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He made a funny!
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This is the only Bulletpoint I have enjoyed, but yes, it has nothing to do with Bulletstorm.

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i get it. 

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I think Cliff should work more on the Gears of War 2 latency issues and less on making dumb videos.

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*sigh* another advertisement

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It seems the major selling point of this game is the Gears of War beta. The game itself just seems childish.

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I chuckled.

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This is kind of awesome

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Really not liking these videos.

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Ha...? Ugh! 
These adverts are just gross. Honestly I think the GiantBomb guys just put them up just to jostle us, and then enjoy the reactions we put in the comments afterwards.  
Rightly so too, some of these reactions are so rightfully over-the-top mocking BulletStorm that they bring a laugh forth.

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I'll give them this; at least they attempted a joke instead of showing off their eight-year-old fantasy. 
The only trailer I liked is also the one that shows no gameplay or story, so I don't think I'll be getting this.

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lol what