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looks nice

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Holy crap people comment fast!  O.O!


Seriously though I kind of hate seeing interesting games show up in Wii downloads.  Does that serve even make money?  It always seemed so tacked on and shovel ware ish.


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Form of... A CLOUD!

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Tss those are some fast comments

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I like it when the dynamics are pretty fluid like that.

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Elusive looks nice!

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Needs a Bombcast reading dubbed over the music.

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Wow. The sound effects guy on this game had a field day. 

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looks kinda like pixel junk shooter. Only cuter.

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This made me think of Morph, even though it's not really similar.

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God, I've always wanted to RP a cloud.

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They made a game out of grade 8 physics.

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interesting, but why is this on the front page?

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I thought fluidity was nudity for  a second.

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looks very wii mote-ish

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great sound effects.... NOT!

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Crash that cloud into the ground.

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