Posted by Kohe321

First! This game could be allright!

Posted by El_Rickhead

2nd, i hate being second, i hope when i submit this im not 3rd

Posted by Griddler

I'm don't have high hopes for this game

Posted by strangeling

I recently played through the first one, and I liked it quite a bit.  It had a couple glitches that could be irritating, and it was a short game, but I'll probably pick up 2 sooner or later.

Posted by AjayRaz

doesn't look that bad. i need to play the first one, though. 

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that was kinda informative, but at the same time avoiding anything specific

Posted by zityz

so basically wht theyre trying to say is this: they havent added anything new cause all that shit is in the first one.
Posted by RenMcKormack

Was mock surrender advertised during the first game?  I feel like I saw trailers with that in the original.  also this game looks great, the first game was also fun as hell and you know it. 
Posted by Pyroman31

Looks like I'll hate this one too. Pass.

Posted by Inquisitor

First was mediocre, but mediocre nevertheless, this is a budget buy for me. 
PS: too bad they apparently changed Rio & Salem's voice actors, i felt like that was the most likeable thing.
Posted by Media_Master

Could be quite cool.

Posted by Brendan

Man, the game looks good, but the mock surrender is the most un-badass tactic ever invented. 
Posted by GunnBjorn

Boy, the marketing department at EA must be making over-hours!
They surely go all out on this title. 
It seems to be quite an improvement over the first game. 
I'm not sold (yet), but i definitely give this one a chance.
Posted by skaune

Man we need at least a fistbump every five seconds or this game is so not cool.

Posted by Phetz

I really want this game to be good; the weapon customization looks fantastic. Hope they back it up with gameplay. And fistbumps.

Posted by Gamer_152

What!? Where's the attack where Salem and Rios can initiate a fist-bump either side of the enemy and crush them in the process?

Posted by wickedsc3

I want to like this game but the first one was not that great.  But i bought it so that says something, ill probably get this but definatly not a pre order game.
Posted by Ulong

First one was fun to play with a friend, if you were bored and looking for something to coop through, not a great game but decent fun. Wasn't almost everything in this trailer in the first game though, except the fake surrender and maybe hostage grab, everything else is a returning feature. Guess the trailers not targeted at people who played the first game.
I'm SO glad back to back mode is making it's epic return, right?

Posted by MeatSim

Every worthwhile shooter has Co-op now a days so this game doesn't really stand out for me.

Posted by MediumRightMaybe

Shields are doin it big in games these days. Now we just need a game where your primary is a shield and you run around knocking the hell out of unsuspecting targets.