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Glad to hear something about this finally.

Posted by PAJZ

Somewhat intrigued.

Posted by KovicMAN

i wanna play this right now.

Posted by Patman99

Man, this looks like it'll be a ball!

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Year of stealth!

Mark of the Ninja, Dishonered, Monaco and (kinda) Assasin's Creed 3.

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@JamesKond: Don't forget Hitman Absolution.

Also, that trailer, while intriguing, didn't show much.

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that trailer doesn't really tell me much. still, will keep an eye on this.

Posted by bvilleneuve

I've been waiting a long time for this. It's looking great!

Posted by JakeLogan

God-DAMN I Love Tuesdays!

Posted by 617_jbug

Majesco is only publishing it on XBLA. On PC it will be self-published.

Posted by JohnLocke

Awesome, looks interesting from what I have seen previously so can not wait to try it.



Posted by abdo

No surprise considering it's made with XNA. And they already have the game working for other platforms, but they still haven't decided if it'll be released on anything else. Hope it's out before Xmas.

Posted by Lydian_Sel
Posted by BlackPeople

Year of the butts.

Posted by Tsuchikage

I remember seeing a Quick Look of this game what seems like ages ago. I kind of thought this had already come out and I just hadn't noticed.

Posted by eccentrix

The trailer from two years ago has ten times the gameplay.

Posted by Ghostiet

I was hoping this has something to do with the Thief-inspired Thievery mod for the first UT.

Posted by Scarabus

Reminded me of this game, but not really.

Posted by Sweep

Played this at PAX and loved the art style. It's a little chaotic but good fun, especially with 4 players.

Posted by thomasonfa

@Scarabus: Have you played that Robbery Bob? It looks interesting...

Posted by MeatSim

That's right Majesco still actually exist.

Posted by idlehands

PLEASE tell me this will be released on PC.

I had been waiting for this game forever, and it'd be super disappointing if it turned out to be another FEZ... A long wait for nothing.

If not... I still have spy party... maybe... goddamnit

Posted by Snowyotter

I had the opportunity to play this at PAX and I loved it, I didn't want to leave the booth! But alas, I had PR to do. But I am really looking forward to this one.