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Posted by Cirdain

That looks pretty fun. Will be so fun with co-op.

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Posted by Mustard

I guess it true what they say..."the only thing worse than Nazi's, is zombie Nazi's."

Posted by YoungBuck

I'll stick with left for dead.

Posted by monkeyman864

that didn't rip off Left 4 Dead at all, wink wink

Posted by Wright

zombies are always fun to shoot. even more so if they worship hitler.

Posted by John

A mode were you have to finish the single player is a noob-proof mode. I like, that.

Posted by Mjolnir

So is that really a mode in the actual game? I hope so; looks fun

Posted by Peach

Looks like a reskinned CoD4. Even at one point I saw the guy using the "Last Stand" perk.

Posted by ocdog45

my main reason to BUY this game instead of renting it.

Posted by Rourkey

OH. MY. GOD. Yes.

Posted by TomA

lol that's funny what a joke

Posted by Crono

This looks tacked on at last minute as response to L4D really... either way I am sure it will be fun though

Posted by Gizmo

By the time this is out Left 4 Dead MP demo will be out.

For those who didn't/dont know, Left 4 Dead > COD5.

This looks quite cool though.
Posted by sionweeks

That looks awesome!

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Can you say Left 4 Dead?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

How random. I wonder if this is some sort of prank.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

I'm playing that game.

Posted by I_am_Lono

hmmm? Trick or treat?

Posted by Bill_Hickz

OMG please make the final boss ZOMBIE  HITLER!
If anyones against this mode they dont deserve to play games!!!

Posted by Danda

Are they ripping off Left 4 Dead? Obviously not!

How come they blow everything but zombie heads in this video?

Posted by Link

Zombies make all games instantly cooler

Posted by Quadrifoglio

That was a pretty badass trailer.

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Posted by thefjk

COD WAW is probably the only shooter anyone will need this Christmas... I mean that covers everything you'd want in a game, ever!

Posted by r3b3lr0b0t
on Oct. 31, 2008
that didn't rip off Left 4 Dead at all, wink wink

Left 4 Dead isn't an original concept.

The Half-Life mod Brain Bread was co-op zombie survival.
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wow they made the same game as left 4 dead with one game mode....maybe people will stop sucking valve's pp

Posted by Sharpshooter

Shooting zombies = fun. Shooting Nazis = fun. There for shooting zombie Nazis must be hella fucking fun, or am I just cluching at straws cause COD is back in WW2,

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Posted by squidracerX

I hope its not just wave after wave of zombies until you die... That would be so Time Splitters 90's. I hope there is a goal. (Zombie Hitler WOULD be funny). Otherwise Saints Row 2's zombie mini game and Left For Dead will be enough mindless zombie killing for me. I resisted saying brainless.

Posted by AttackedCamo

A WW2 Left 4 Dead...Awesome!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Not much of a kick to that machinegun :)

When will they learn:  every game needs a zombie mode.

Except animal crossing.

Posted by Media_Master

bloody !

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Posted by JJ

This has potential... but Left 4 Dead is coming out too.

Posted by killer7

Cant wait to play it

Posted by clubsandwich

I'll take Left 4 Dead, thank you.

Posted by Blackoutt21

the ending to that was epic.

Posted by BlazingWookie

holy shit.

Posted by RABBITMAN92

FLAMETHROWERRRRRR! niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

Posted by Sykosis

wow completly random and rediculous. . . but uterly awsome.

Posted by robbob88

Wow that looked fricken awesome!!

Posted by ajc1994

can't wait to beat game, zombie mode looks bad ass

Posted by kendall

LEFT FOR DEAD SUCK COD WAW AND COD4 are the best and GTA iv 

Posted by lemon360
@YoungBuck said:
"I'll stick with left for dead. "


this turned out better