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Posted by Regal

This video is too good for premium, it belongs to the people! Make it happen.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Hey, Vinny, if you're reading this: you rock, man. Take all the time you need with your kid, we'll hold the fort for you here.

(If you're not reading this, you're just OK.)

Posted by Sunjammer

Best wishes Vinny, congratulations! Babies are weird! But they can learn tricks!

Posted by aldo_q

Again (one of the many ppl on twitter) congratulations Vinny and you look damn tired :D Our little girl will turn 1 this week and seeing this brings back some memories of being overly tired and playing video-games at very odd times of the night sometimes (mine was Portal 2 mainly, with a friend sometimes insane enough to also be up late at night). It does get better.... a little :D You'll do a little victory dance the first time he will sleep through the night (i.e. till about 5am :p).

Posted by BaconGames


On the real though I've never seen any of them so exhausted and it was conveyed to the point that I could feel it. Gotta love though that everyone's love for games on the site is such that Vinny finds the time to put in to play games and take care of Max and think about work. Hat's off to Vinny and Max. Look forward to the days ahead and I can't wait to see Vinny when he's gotten some more sleep.

Posted by cbarnes86

VINNY!!!! AHHHH!!! Missed you bro!

Posted by GalacticGravy

Baby is final boss of life.

Posted by altairre

70+ hours in Deus Ex? Vinny you're absolutely crazy. Awesome video by the way. Take your time and take care of your family. I'm looking forward to having some of that Vindog action on giantbomb again.

Posted by cikame

You can skip those credits by the way.

Posted by _Dust_

Congratulations and thanks for the awesome video, Vinny!

Posted by Ramone

Ha. I laughed so much at the editing on this.

Posted by plainplease

I am happy for you, Vinny. It is extremely exciting to bring a new baby into a family, but it is also very tiring, scary, stressful and tiring...also tiring. You look exactly like what it feels like to have a new baby. I feel stressed just watching this video.

Posted by neek

Hang in there Vinnie, it gets better!

Posted by Rodin

Great to have vinny back, you can only fill a vinny shaped hole with vinny. Congrats on the baby to i guess... hope you get some sleep.

also for the people asking the song is Tripletstep by John 00 Fleming

Posted by forkboy

A couple of my friends recently had first kid & the new daddy has found that fortunately his baby likes to fall asleep to some of their favourite bands, & also while watching daddy play Forza Motorsport while balancing on daddys belly!

Who said video games were good for nothing?

Stay strong Vinny, that first few days going to work & having to leave mother & child behind have to be the hardest.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Shepherd, I want to play a game...

Posted by Pop

Vinny looks like he's the survivor of the apocalypse. shredded cap and grief beard

Posted by kickinthehead

Good luck Vinny, can't wait to see what you cook up!

Premiere Pro 5.5 is pretty easy to pick up off of FCP7, but CS6 looks SWEET. It has a bunch of stuff from FCP and Avid that I like incorporated into it. Want it, want it now.

Posted by LordLOC

Congrats Vinny. I think it's awesome that you posted this. I mean, most websites don't have staff or even owners post videos of their newborn babies and coffee making! You rock, also, nice beard dude. Gonna keep it??

Posted by sixpin

Great video and cute kid. Nice to see you back on the site. Hope things get back to a more sane schedule for you soon. Not a parent myself, but I've seen my boss go through it six times! He was always a little ragged at first, but he says it gets much easier after a couple months. My best to the Caravellas!

Posted by anbumakura

Vinny! I missed you!

Posted by Scodiac

Many congrats! Yet, I'm still not looking forward to parenthood for some reason.

Posted by Blargonaut

Congrats Vinny! Great video. We all miss you.

Posted by Draxyle

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a video where Vinny was alone speaking to the camera. It's oddly surreal.

But <3 Vinny. GB just isn't the same without ya.

Posted by DrFlapjack

Good to have you back Vinny!

Posted by colinjw

This was really cool. I am glad that Vinny will be back soon but family comes first.

Posted by Elod

<3 Vinny!

Posted by smiddy

Great to see some Vinny on the site again, although he's looked better!

Also that little bit of thread hanging from his hat is really annoying the hell out of me.

Posted by Knurrunkulus

Man, I really should play Rayman: Origins, shouldn't I?

Great video. This stuff is why I love GiantBomb.

Posted by rawrsair

Awww he's so sweet. We missed ya Vinny.

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Congratulations, and welcome to the party, Vin. It gets easier in some ways and harder in others, but always rewarding!

EDIT - yes, I agree Final Cut X is annoying. Doesn't feel pro. Played with it for like five hours and still couldn't figure out how to do a three point edit.

Posted by SuperTess

Yaaaay! Quite the adorable little terror you've got there Vinny.

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That was great!

Vinny, welcome back and Max is sooo cute.

Posted by iozaeph

Go for Premiere! I even started the certification program on FCPX, but realized that it sucks now, and it will always suck, because of the storyline concept. I don't get it. A timeline is logical. A storyline is just weird.

Posted by Melos

All the love in the world to you, Vinny. You're going to be a great father.

Posted by captainanderson

It's videos like this that make Giant Bomb the best website on the internet. Congrats Vinny, here's hoping you can get some better sleep in the foreseeable future.

Posted by Drebin_893

Vinny's the man!

Posted by ZombieSpace

Good luck Vinny!

Posted by Shuborno

Vinny's confused sleep-deprived haze brings me right back to the first couple months with my daughter.

I'm not entirely sure that haze ever goes away entirely post-child. I certainly have not been able to focus 100% of my attention on anything since.

Posted by MeatSim

Vinny is so haggard looking yet he took the time to make this video. Your a champion Vinny.

Posted by l3reak

Would it be inappropriate to ask for a shot of Max in cool-baby glasses? Mucho congrats, Vin & Wifey, and hang in there!

Posted by Talis12

Max is a boss

Posted by deadly_polo

That is a lot of hair for a two week old, good that you're back Vinny, now madness can ensue on the full room green screen

Posted by fetchfox

Nice to hear from you Vinny, keep it up. Looking forward to see you back at the office!

Posted by Willtron

D'awwwwwwwww. Congratulations again, Vinny, and mad props to your wife. And thank you, for, as said, going above and beyond the call of duty. The Fez/baby notes were hilarious. And please, keep the beard for a bit, if only for comedic value. Scruffy Vinny's the best Vinny.

Welcome back, duder. We've missed you. :)

Posted by Mister_V

Nice to have Vinny back with us :)

Posted by defcomm

Congrats, good luck, and hope to see you back duder.

Posted by LunarAuraSub

I douldn't be a carent holy effing pow major drops to you Vinny

Posted by CaptainInvictus

Dawwwwww :3

Posted by Humanity

Man Vinny is the best hands down.