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jar jar jarrr

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And here I was about to go to bed and get an early night. Awesome!

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Jeff Articulating Random Topics, Items, Messages and Emotions.

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An age gate on a Giant Bomb original video? Is this a first?

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I'm always happy to see that Brewers hat in the top-left corner of these videos, knowing I have the same hat.

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An age gate on GB produced content?

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Speed Jar by Jeff Gerstmann. Always appreciate the effort, especially with everything going on.

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Jar Time > Shart Crime

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Age gate? Interesting.

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@Mister_V said:

An age gate on GB produced content?

Jar Time is hard motherfucking core!

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Whats with the age gate?

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Adult Jartime ... RRRrrrrr nice.

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There's an age gate on this Jar Time... is this going to turn into amateur porn?

'cause I really don't want to see that. I'm not one of THOSE kinds of Giant Bomb fans...

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Age gate? Dirty... hit me with that sweet jar action, Gersty...

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Jars are all I need.

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I tried to time this for when my Chinese food would arrive but Jeff came early.

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Those stack of skylanders by his TV looks scary.

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So I got curious and learned that the age gate only goes back to 1953 huh?

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These Jar time videos are always interesting. Jeff and Sessler are the most informative voices in this industry.

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Oh gawd. Haven't we learned that asking the bombers for relationship advice is a bad idea?

I did laugh that he answered it completely straight though, and it was perfectly legitimate for once.

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Hell yeah jartime!

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Keep the kids away from jars.

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TweetDeck: "*BRRRRRRR*"

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No age gate when I'm signed in and a paying member thanks.

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50 cent puts out a new single like every other day, it's pretty fucking ridiculous at the amount of shit he puts out on a yearly basis, or at least the past couple of years.

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My morning jarcket!

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wait. what?

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@Canteu said:

No age gate when I'm signed in and a paying member thanks.

There is an age gate for me, maybe you didn't notice it.

You don't have to really press any extra buttons to bypass it since it seems to start at 1973.

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I was born in 1910.......... heh....

As for age gate, I thought this was already explained ages ago. It's just an easy response to any legal complaints that might be filed against the site when adult themes might become an issue.

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I wish all advertisements could be like Stephen Colbert's Wheat Thins bit.

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Drop a jar on it.

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My age gate is automatically tuned to my birthday already so is it really such a big problem? It seems like it remembers your last use of it. All I have to do is click on the play button. It's no difference really.

The only way they would make that work is if you had some kind of age settings in your profile. Because even if your're a paying member you still need to verify your age for certain stuff. Just because you pay you don't become an exception for the rules the ESRB has set for example.

But as I said. Everything on my side was already in place and all I had to do was click play and i played.

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@NickL: As in;

"please, no age gate..."

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maybe the age gate is there because the video processing thing is bugged.

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I flat out don't want kids. I say this whenever I meet someone for the first time, sure it slows my flow of women but I've met some pretty awesome women who've respected me all the more and dated them for a while who didn't want kids either.

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For those wondering about Colbert's Wheat Thins product placement, see this video. It's probably the best/greatest/funniest product integration ever.

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As an old fart (just over 30), I can verify that "do you want kids?" suddenly becomes a gravely serious relationship factor at this age. If you and your significant other are simpatico on everything but this topic, your relationship is still toast. Jeff is blunt but right. Real Talk.

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These jars are so cold that there giving me frostbite.

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Seems minor, but it is disappointing there's an age gate on a GB video. Repeatedly they've said they hate the idea of them, only do them to satisfy publisher requirements for trailers. Is this more CBS driven?

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@Pop said:

maybe the age gate is there because the video processing thing is bugged.

That's what I figured.

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@Thomper said:

For those wondering about Colbert's Wheat Thins product placement, see this video. It's probably the best/greatest/funniest product integration ever.

Oh man, that segment was brilliant indeed.

I'm still not sure what I think about it though. With the advent of Tivo, direct TV, and the internet, these shows really have no choice but to have product placements to make up for it. No matter how well it's done though, I always feel dirty when I see it. It feels like my content is being manipulated by corporate interests, which is exactly what it is.

I think it works with Colbert because they're 100% transparent about it. Parodying the memo sent to them is a pretty great way to handle it.