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Posted by heavymetalwaffle


Posted by mlarrabee

Yeah, still no closer to thinking this is going to work, unfortunately.

Posted by MetalThrashingMatt

Good stuff

Posted by fr0stb1te

I've been waiting for the chance to play as this guy

Posted by Sporkbane

I saw this, thought it was a husk from mass effect 3, clicked on it, then realized it wasn't and went back to my cold, dark room counting the seconds until mass effect 3 comes out.

Also, this game looks like good ideas gone wrong.

Posted by GregisPurple

So what, the nemsis gets like a million HP? Forget that.

Posted by Sackmanjones
@FunExplosions said:


Posted by MeatSim

Rocket Raccoon should be the mayor of Raccoon City.

Posted by FrenchFriedFool


Posted by Johnny5

God dammit. Why are they trying to run this franchise into the ground. People liked Nemesis because he was forboding and creepy and always suddenly there, not in the middle of a fucking firefight acting as the boss character. Also giving control of him to players is even worse....sigh

Posted by BurningStickMan

@GregisPurple said:

So what, the nemsis gets like a million HP? Forget that.

AND he can follow you through doors!

Posted by Marz

xbox exclusive :\

Posted by DrJota

5 STARS.....

Posted by Spoonman671

Microsoft is still using "jump in"?

Posted by AuthenticM

@FunExplosions said:



Posted by retsub101

@DrJota said:

5 STARS.....

I see what you did there.

Posted by RecSpec

If this can be Resident Evil: Battlefront, I am ALL for this.

Posted by Summoboomo

Refreshed the video page, was not expecting to see that face. D: THANKS FOR THE NIGHTMARES, PERRY.

Posted by bwmcmaste

"Assuming direct control."

Posted by Vorbis

Luckily I have no plans to touch the competitive mode, if this was a co-op mode I might of been a little annoyed.

Edited by vinsanityv22

This shooter looks solid, but very, very boring. It's so uneventful and just hits the same notes over and over again. I know most people say shooters are just hitting the same notes constantly, but in this case, it's true. Every gameplay video I've seen for this is just the saddest, most monotonous thing in the world. It's uncanny how they've taken creatures from the real games that had tense, memorable, terrifying standoffs and turned them into....just some character in a shooter. *sigh* Slant Six and Resident Evil both deserve better...

It would suck if this thing sells better than some other shooters just because of the name. Although, I would predict that many of those people would trade this in shortly after purchase.

Still, I can't wait for the Quick Look for this for some reason.

Edited by Kosayn

Dear Capcom;


+ Horror

+ Terrible VA


Resident Evil

I really hope they're just getting this military shooter cheese out of their system. All I see when I look at this is Deadly Descents 2.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

So the fans of the series' platform that the game was started on are getting boned?

Posted by Allison

Wow, fuck you Capcom.

I hope you crash and burn, but sadly you won't because your fanbase is too ravenous.

Posted by m2cks

So it's like being the Tank in Left 4 Dead. Got it.

Posted by Creamypies

@birdflu777 said:

So the fans of the series' platform that the game was started on are getting boned?

Yes. Money talks, my friend.

Anyway, this isn't a Resident Evil game. It's a SOCOM game with zombies in it.

Posted by KoolAid


Also I guess I have to buy a 360

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Bummer, I guess Ps3 owners will have to wait a few months before they see this content. 

Posted by Zaxex

I had no idea of what this game was. Also, console exclusives suck.

Posted by jukeboxzer0

i cant believe this costs $4 on launch day

Posted by Live2bRighteous

Oh hey, I pre ordered this game 2 to 3 months ago... on the PS3, but after seeing this video... I'm 100% sure I'm going to cancel my pre order and give the money to Rockstar for Max Payne 3. Nice job Capcom.

Posted by Nightfang

Oh, stop the bitching. The game looks good and if you don't like it than don't play.

Posted by tweetspot

nemesis. the key to victory. or just changing the difficulty setting. i think it's time to move on from the melodramatic.

Posted by SymbolliC

So i've been a fan of RE since the first one. Owned them all on my Playstations, now I can't have Nemesis? Wonder if anything will take his place on PS3? Brad Vickors maybe.

Posted by obscurefan

Finally, Xbox owners get something exclusive.

Posted by Seedofpower

@FunExplosions said:



Posted by ichthy

As long as I get to tentacle guys.

Posted by ArcLyte

game looks sick.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

Is his name actually "The Nemesis?" I always thought his name was just "Nemesis." Though I've never actually played 3, so I could easily be wrong.

Posted by Mailman

Why doesn't anybody just shoot it in the face?

Posted by Kordesh

I am so utterly sick of this exclusivity crap. Typical Capcom to go along with this. I have all the platforms, it doesn't particularly effect me, but it does make me feel ill that it's accepted to just cut out entire game modes and lock them down to pre-order bonuses or platforms as marketing tools.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Resident Evil competitive multiplayer.

It would be difficult for me to care about this any less than I do.

Put this on the shelf right next to that Silent Hill coop Vita game.

Posted by avidwriter

Only 360 owners..... Yea this is why I'm never buying a console again. This kinda BS where they take out parts of the game to make it "exclusive" to the highest bidder. F-that.

Posted by sate2801

it's like fighting for TV remote with your family

except it's a controller of Nemisis

Posted by DarthOrange

Wow really? I have Resident Evil 1-5 downloaded on my PS3 but now I can't play as nemesis? I think I may end waiting for the gold edition that comes with all the DLC for this one. It wouldn't feel right playing resident evil without a dualshock. This kinda takes away my excitement for RE6. :/

Posted by Suigyoken

I would have been surprised if there was NOT some form of stupid paid/exclusive feature.

Posted by Czarpyotr

This game looks like shit.

Posted by Eyz

Nemesis! Woot!

Posted by Lazyaza

Between this and the SFxT bs I worry what Capcom will do with Resi6.

Posted by Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto

It'll come as DLC for the other platforms for sure.

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