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Is that Sean Connery?

Posted by RainbowCarnage

looks good

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Posted by AbeBroHamLincon

yep that was sean connery as a young man before he was captain of the Red October during the cold war.

Posted by Will_3rd

Cannot wait!

Posted by Patman99

Although I am glad the Russians are finally getting some WWII themed camera time in video games, I feel like the past few WWII games that came out are focusing on the eastern front. Not complaining because I loved Company of Heroes just an observation.

Posted by Begilerath

Metro Last Light and now this game..is THQ on a secret communist agenda?

Posted by Wesker411

This game cannot get her fast enough! First game was soooooooooo awesome. If you haven't played it do yourself a favor and pick it up.

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Posted by R3DT1D3

Can't wait to see gameplay. Still play CoH when I have the time with friends.

Posted by KoolAid


(please don't me it like Dow 2)

Posted by ThePickle

Fuck yes.

Posted by Space_Sandwich

This game is likely going to be awesome, but this trailer was a whole boatload of "meh." Right down to that poor man's Don LaFontaine.

Posted by Duxa

За РОооооооооооооооодину пацаны!!!!!!!!

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Posted by nasseh

Awesome trailer.

Posted by Nentisys

CoH is great.

Posted by Chtasm

I goddamn love Company of Heroes, but don't care for that motion-photo video stuff many WW2 games have been doing a lot lately... Can't wait for the inevitable Drew + Dave/Vinny/anyone else quicklook!!

Posted by MachoFantastico

My body is ready!

Posted by Rohok

Yaaay, more pre-rendered trailers. It so gets me hyped for new games! It's not like any of us want to see real gameplay or anything.

Posted by Sphinx

GIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIE I fucking loved the first one, I loved every DoW game to ever come out of Relic, TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY NOW!

Posted by Xealot42

I can't wait for this. I just started replaying the original and I can't believe how good it still looks.

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WWII....It's back, bitches!

CoH is tied as my favorite RTS game with Rise of Nations. So looking forward to this!

Posted by Seedofpower

Finally a fucking trailer.

Posted by Lamashtu

Katyushas? Hell yea!

Just a bummer we won't have Panzerkampfwagen Mk. Vs and Mk. VIs to play with given the time period (Those are Panthers and Tigers, to some of you folks).

Edited by Lamashtu

You know, given the glut of games where you were fighting zombies we've had of late, fighting Nazis again doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Posted by nERVEcenter

@Rohok: To their credit, they're not romanticizing the potential gameplay opportunities with crazy pre-rendered action scenes the in-game action can't possibly match up to. Here, they're setting the stage. Morbid statistical figures to put the fight they want to portray into perspective, and shift attention to a somewhat forgotten front. That's far more admirable than, say, a Killzone 2 (or any PS3 game, for that matter), where nearly all of the trailers and demos between the PS3's release and a couple of years ago were either pre-rendered or running in real-time on idealized PC's that were far and away better than the final release quality.

Posted by Vodun

I'd hit that

Posted by BonOrbitz

I just finished playing the original CoH campaign for the umpteenth time. That game is so awesome it never gets old.

Posted by Bakumatsu

I have Company of Heroes and I've never played it. Am I a bad person?

Posted by Wesker411
@Bakumatsu: No, just a fool.
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@Begilerath said:

Metro Last Light and now this game..is THQ on a secret communist agenda?

I hope so

Posted by konig_kei

Pwoah! All those E3 awards, must be good. But in all honesty I can't wait.

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No bows?

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Posted by gbrading

For Mother Russia Comrade! Do not turn your back on her!

Bad trailer but I'm psyched for Company of Heroes 2.

Posted by SuperJoe

In Soviet Russia, ______ ______ you!

Posted by Robopengy

I'm glad someone is paying attention to the Eastern Front

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Hearing Russia's losses in the war just makes me sad

Posted by Xeirus

This trailer is badass. I really like the straight forward talk and not some cryptic bullshit vague explanation about what it is.

I will buy this, and I never played the first... I hear it's good -_-

Posted by AhmadMetallic

I am too stupid to manage an army and I always get buttfucked and dominated by the AI in Company of Heroes and every other RTS. 
But hey, hype!

Posted by Inkerman

I don't usually comment on trailers, but this one was really fucking good, it gave me chills. Now I'm of to play Hearts of Iron!

Posted by ThatFrood

I always appreciate when something acknowledges russia's contribution to wwii instead of just glossing over it, or worse.

Posted by Grixxel

Man, the first one was amazing. Can't wait!

Posted by mnzy

Can't believe I'm excited about a WWII game, but I totally am!

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@ThatFrood said:

I always appreciate when something acknowledges russia's contribution to wwii instead of just glossing over it, or worse.

I do as well. The United Soviet Socialist Republics contributed greatly to the last great war. There are those that simply remember the Red Army as the evil communists but they did sacrifice A LOT to win the last great war. I greatly appreciate their enormous sacrifices.

Posted by mrpandaman

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Begilerath said:

Metro Last Light and now this game..is THQ on a secret communist agenda?

I hope so

Actually they are owned by the remnants of the KGB.

Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

CoH was a hell of a game. Also, motherfucking Lenin drop in that trailer.

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